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Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/17/08
Kiara loaded the magazine into her pistol, stashing it into her boot, this was the last of her five guns. The other 4 were placed one in her other boot, two at her waist, and the last one on the side of her smooth leg.

Outside of firearms, she also had to machetes attached to the back of her belt and a Katana hanging from a grenade bandalier.

All in all, you would not want to meet Kiara in an ally. Especially she wanted you dead. Kiara didn't know what was going on, but she knew something was. And it was about time she got her hands dirty.
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Posted 2/23/09 , edited 2/23/09
megami was siting in her chair at the head office of heartsdale she haddnt even know about heartsdale untill a month ago when she found out that the man who she thougth was her father was acctulary her uncle and her father was the CEO of the internashoinal compay heartsdale at first she was relucteant to spend any time with her bioligical father and her step father but now she came to love them and she was liveing in there manor witch had become her second home now she was alone in one of the 3 head offices her father and step dad had gone out to have dinner leaveing her alone.
"i'll think ill take a look round down staris in the arcives" she said to her self as she made her way down the bulding to the sub-basment she liked spending time down there , she had full access to all areas and she found some intresting documents but they were more like storys they were full of infomatoin about virus that could cause the dead to rise.
"im too old to belive in zombies and monsters" she said to her self while thumbing over a file about the t-virus, she never thougth in a millon years that what she wa reading was atulary true untill......
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