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Which division from Bleach would you join and why?
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Posted 3/9/10
12th! Because it leads the Technological Department Bureau, and I wanna be a scientist!!!
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Posted 3/11/10 , edited 3/11/10
I think it would be cool to join Kenpachi's Squad...but knowing my capability...and since I'm also a bit clumsy, I might be better off joining the 4th division instead...lol... but i think it's also great to join the 13th squad...^^

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Posted 3/13/10
I'd probably join the 11th division 'cause everyone there is so much funnn!!!! (ken-chan, yachiru,
ikkaku, yumichika!)

Or the 10th division 'cause toushiro's hot and because ragiku's funny and kool!

Or the 2th ...you gotta admit that soifong is really kool!

Or the 13th because ukkitake is such a sweetheart!!, he'd be so kool as my captain!

I'd like to join the 6th division just 'coz renji's there ...because if it's for byakuya I wouldn't...I mean
he's hot, but he's not the likes that cares about his underlings...
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Posted 3/20/10
ill join the 10th division and the 11th division cuz of the people there are fun.
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Posted 6/4/10
O.P has nuked. If anyone would like to recreate this thread, they're more than welcome to.

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