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Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/5/08
I just realized there where no Introduction thread so I decided to create one... (Hope it doesn't bother anyone!)

Name : Nina

Why did I join this group : I want to help people with there Japanese and give out tips of my experience, so that they won't make the same mistakes as me ^^

Level of Japanese : Fluent, though I do not know how to write in Kanji, I only know how to write in Hiragana and Katakana.

Tips for others in this group : First tip : It is not necessary to waste money in books, phrase books and so on for the purpose of learning the language ( Not including writting books, kanji books, and reading books....) everything is on the INTERNET!

Tip number 2 : Speak up, there's no better way to learn the language and not have a weird accent when speaking! Make your own blog in Japanese, Post vlogs in Youtube, You'll have lots of video responses and Japanese natives (Or japanese speakers) might help you by commenting,subscribing or video respond!

Tip #3 : Take small breaks --- but not too long ones! It happened to me too with Kanji, I said that I'll take a little break but I actually too a 1 year break Xo

Tip # 4 : There's not one language that is easy to learn, you need motivation a strong will and perseverance.

Tip # 5 : You will never ever learn Japanese by watching anime... It doesn't work, you learn words like idiot, stupid, rescue me!,please!, Cuuuuuuute!, What are you good for?!, and so on. Jdramas are actually a good way for learning, but a slow one. I suggest watching Japanese (raw) tv shows... that's where you hear most of the words that will be useful to you!

Hope that helped you boys and gals!

PS : I'm new here, sorry for my boldness '^^, If you have any questions feel free to PM and I'll be around this group whenever I can.

Edit : What I said so far applies to those who have the courage and will to teach themselves Japanese.
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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
watashiwa animecutiegirl-chan

reason 1: i joined this group because i found it very interesting
reason 2: i don't have money to buy japanese books
reason 3: because i want to learn japanese
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