*West 32nd Street* John Cho
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Posted 8/5/08 , edited 8/5/08
The film revolves around John Kim, an ambitious young lawyer in New York, who takes on a pro-bono case involving a fourteen-year-old Korean boy accused of murder. Upon investigating the case, he meets Mike Juhn, a street level gangster from Flushing. The two try to use each other to climb their respective ladders.

John Cho ... John Kim
Kim Jun-sung ... Mike Juhn
Grace Park ... Lila Lee
Jeong Jun-ho ... Chun Jin-ho
Jane Kim ... Kim Sook-hee
Lanny Joon ... Saeng
Hans Kim ... Kyuc

watch trailer

the movie didnt came out in teatres since its a independent film it did came out in the tribeca film festival which is held in New York i think (dammit i shouldve gone )

Do you think that John cho can play such a serious actor in this movie?
Will this movie be a success?

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Posted 8/7/08
the movie sounds only okay and i never heard of the actor before...
i personally don't watch movies like these so i don't think i would watch it...
will this movie be a success? i don't know, but hopefully other people like it!
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Posted 8/7/08
Yeah I haven't heard of these actors before.
What company is producing this?
But since its from the Film Festival, I'm guessing it is a small production?
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Posted 8/3/09
~Outdated thread.
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Posted 8/3/09
Dead Thread.

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