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[Game] Shugo Chara RolePlay
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23 / F / Wonderland
Posted 9/21/11 , edited 11/19/11
Name:Maiko Riku
Personality:Shy, Doest talk, Likes to tease and make people she talks to mad buts really nice, Gothic, A tomboy, Virtuoso,Bookworm,Artistic, Rebelious
Likes:Salad, Music,Sports(Secretly), colors dark red, purple, and black
Dislikes:Pink things(Not amus hair), Girly stuff, Being bossed around
Talents:Plays instrument(Secretly), Sings(secretly), Paints(secretly), Draws (not noticable), Writes
Background:Had to watch my parents die after that lived with my 9 year old brother until he was 18 and i was 15 thats why i don't usually talk.
Appearance:(Pretend my hair goes to my knees when i take it out)

Guardian Characters:
Jade:This chara represents maikos cute but idepentant side jade helps maiko feel better when shes upset and help her Hide from crowds she also helps her show her artistic and creative side.

Jesse:Her more girly giggly and out going side Jesse helps Maiko talk at time she can't and she also helps her help others.

Ai:This chara is maiko's strong and more voilent side this chara helps maiko fight bullies or just scare off people being mean to you or illegal or trieing to hurt someone.

Character Transformations(My hair never change color or length here):



Other information:Has a crush,Wear boy high school uniform.
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Posted 10/31/11
Amu: Watashi no kokoro, anrokku!
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Posted 10/31/11
Posted 11/7/11
Name: Mira Minomoto
Age: 11
Grade: 5th Star class.
Personality: Mira is kind of a shy, anda scared girl. She doesn't like going up to other people, and she so scared when she does things wrong.
Dream: To be heroic, and be brave and courageous, and to be herself.
Charas (3):

Hatched a few days ago.
Dream she's fillen in for: Heroism and Bravery
Sometimes can be a little crazy.
^She has a mini Zelda link outfit on. Heh.

The two other eggs aren't hatched.

Chara nari:

Legendary hero

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23 / F / Wonderland
Posted 11/11/11
Maiko:*Sitting in a tree by a lake*
Ai:Mai-Chan I'm bored
Maiko:*rolls eyes and puts in headphones and turns on music*
Jesse:*Giggles**Sings*Mai-chan is ignoring Ai
Ai:Shut up Jesse!
Maiko:*Takes out sketch book and draws while listening to music and humming*
Jade:*Drawing in small sketch book*
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F / Why do you want t...
Posted 11/28/11
Name: Laura Sohma
Personality: Has two different personalities. One is very out-going, cheerful and playful. This side of her is athletic and creative. But when she gets angry or upset, she changes to a totally diferent person. The other personality is very introverted and doesen't talk much but loves to sing, play the gituar and write.
Appearence: Has waist-long black hair and blue eyes. Normally she ties her hair up but when she is depresed, she lets it hang loose with a side-part almost covering one of her eyes
Cheerful: sports,drawing, red, yellow, green, fashion
Depressed: Music, writing songs and stories, blue, purple, black
Cheerful: Losing, bugs(EWW!)
Depressed: Being told what to do
Background: Her twin sister, Lena, died in an accident. Lena was very much like Laura's depressed personality. When she died, Laura suddenly started to act like her when she got mad, thinking it was her fault Lena died. Only her family and closest friends know about her other personality. Others just know that side as a completely different person or as Laura's sister.
Guardian character:
She represents Laura's desire to be popular and accepted by everyone. She is girly and an air-head
She is the guardian chara that represents her love of sports and her determination
Emerald (Emma)
She represents Laura's love of drawing and her kind side
Black Crystal (Chris)
She represents Laura's introverted side. Chris hatched when Laura decided to act like Lena when she was sad so she could remember all the times she and Lena had together. Chris surprised Laura by how much she looked like Lena. She is also born from Laura's fierce desire to be independent
Amethyst (Ammy)
The guardian character that was born from Laura's love of music. She always misses out on some coversations or spaces out because she constantly has headphones on while listening to music.
Sapphire (Saffy)
She is born from Laura's flair of writing. She constantly speaks in rhyme because of Laura's love of poems.
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Posted 6/25/12
Umm kinda don't understand
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20 / F / America
Posted 8/18/12
Name: Zelda Sora Lorn.
Age: fifteen.
Weight: 150lb (mostly cleavage).
Height: 5'3.
Appearance: long wavy black hair with red streaks and white eyes, usually dresses in shorts, but also wears skirts, tank tops, camisoles Etc.
Spirit: kind, peachy, friendly, can be bit bitchy, really sweet.

Charas: Dominique, light, Marina, and Elfy.

name: dominiqu.
Age: uknown.
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22 / F
Posted 11/12/12

Name:Minata Toujki
Personality: Aggressive,Sassy,Friendly,Down To Earth,intimidating

Charas: Yin
Minata Wished To Be A great writer and Yin was Born From That
Age: N/A

Chara: Zeri
Minata Is Tough at School Cause Everyone Knows She is top in Karate so she dosen't really have any friends, she wished she could be less rough and More Girly
Zeri Was Born From those Feelings.
Age: N/A

Chara: Tatu
Minata wished For Love hehe^^ how Kawiii
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24 / F / Noneya Business
Posted 1/19/13
Name: Aito Kimura

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Grade: Moon Class (High School)

Height: 5'9
Weight: 127 lbs

Personality: He is easy to get along with once you get to know him. A bit arrogant, because of his intelligence. He says things he doesn't mean. Can be rude at times.
Crush?: None yet

Guardian Characters: Kanji

Transformation/Emblem items: Chara Nari= Okibi Angel

Wears long, grey shirt, and black fingerless gloves. Gets white wings. Has ability to fly. Battle Moves: Bright Ray=Ball of light
Black Sun=Chains (Item)
Chara Change=Gets red leather necklace, becomes more happy-go-lucky

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Posted 3/2/13
can i join???

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Posted 5/22/13
Name: Minami Aya

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Grade: 6th Grade,Star Class

Appearance: She wears a female Seiyo Academy uniform with a guardian cape. She is the average height of a 6th Grader. Aya has long purplish-blackish hair with messy bangs that make her look pretty. Aya has cool skull earrings, which suit her very punk, fun and easy-going personality. She has long slender fingers with fine nails non-painted. She also has a navy blue star under her left eye. Aya doesn't like the school uniform so she adds all these adjustments to her outfit to her liking. She has a mysterious, cool aura to her and shines bright with the rest of the guardians.

Personality: She is kind of a mix of Amu, Nagihiko, and Kukai's personality all at once. She has good grades, athletic ability, she sings and plays music well, she gets along with everybody really well- It's like she is great at everything! But the truth is, she lacks confidence in herself to be a strong person. That's how her Guardian Characters came along. She has a cool aura to her, which makes her part of the Guardians. Aya carries a crown shaped lock she recieved from the Guradians when she first met them. It gives off the same power as Amu's so she can Character Transform.

Guardian Characters:
MiGu: MiGu is a guardian character that was born from Aya due to her lack of confidence. MiGu came from Aya's favorite song: Matryoshka by Hatsune Miku and Gumi Megpoid. MiGu wears Gumi's matryoshka jacket and with jeans and sneakers. MiGu's hair is like Hatsune Miku but green like Gumi's. Her face makeup is from Gumi's makeup in Matryoshka. MiGu Character Transform with Aya into Matryoshka's Tune with an electric rock guitar.

Kaname: Kaname is everything the opposite of Aya: She's girly, acts cute, likes pink, likes Barbie dolls, acts cute, likes cute things, is weak- just EVERYTHING opposite of Aya. The reason Kaname was born was because Aya kept lying to herself that she will never fall in love with anybody and that she doesn't have a crush on Ikuto, even though she does. So, Kaname is here to teach Aya all about love and the tactics. Kaname wears a lolita white and rose colored dress full of ruffles, bows,all that girly stuff with a pink rose in her curly, golden hair. Kaname Character Transforms with Aya into Lolita Kiss.

Crush: Later into the series she starts liking Ikuto
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19 / F
Posted 5/23/13
This is what Aya looks like^^

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F / Boston-ish
Posted 11/23/13

To keep the Forums tidy, closing threads that have been inactive for six months or more.

locked and closed
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