What does each song by Tokio Hotel mean to you?
Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/7/08
Please participate if you are a TH fan, or has heard the songs on their U.S. Scream album ^.^

I was just wondering what each Tokio Hotel song on the U.S. Scream album means to you.
And if you are a HUGE fan, please say what your favorite songs by Tokio Hotel are, how you first found out about them, who your favorite band member is, etc.

Here is a list of all the songs on my U.S. Scream album:
1. Scream
2. Ready, Set, Go!
3. Monsoon
4. Love is Dead
5. Don't Jump
6. Live Every Second* (Bonus Track)
7. On the Edge
8. Sacred
9. Break Away
10. Rescue Me
11. Final Day
12. Forgotten Children
13. By Your Side
14. 1000 Oceans* (Bonus Track)
15. Durch den Monsoon* (Bonus Track)

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30 / M / Somewhere in Florida
Posted 8/7/08
My favorite song on the album is "Sacred" because its very deep and emotional but I also liked a bunch of others as well. Its a very good album because the American release is like a compilation of their best previous work.
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F / the netherlands
Posted 8/7/08
i only know their german songs the only one i have heard in english is monsoon
i didn't know they where that well known somewhere else beside's here in europe all the young girls go nuts
about them
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23 / F / how should i kno?...
Posted 8/7/08
I first found them on tv. I was in the next room and the tv was on in the other room.
I was doing my hwk and i heard scream....the person (bill kaulitz) who was singing made me become a fan of them.
Bill's my favourite besides the others. My favourite songs are scream, ready set go, monsoon, sacred and forgotten children.
Forgotten children reminds me of myself in a wierd way. It reminds me of the hard times of gone through.....the other songs are great as well.
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77 / F / Tenochtitlan
Posted 8/7/08
I dont like them at all
but i admit
i realli like their song Monsoon but the original version when they were younger.
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F / sunny California :]
Posted 8/14/08
they're okay i like the song 'Ready, Set, Go!'
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23 / F / South Africa
Posted 9/28/08
it means alot to me and the song monsoon eng version is means alot to me coz it like sweet and sounds like its for someone special. love all their songs!!
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26 / F / Southern California
Posted 9/28/08
I don't especially like them very much, Bill Kaulitz's voice is too girly to be a guy, but too awkward to be a girl.
The lyrics sometimes seem forced, too. But I first found out about them when I was watching a music video on Youtube for a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus song (Face Down <3), and one of the users commented on how one of the band members looked like someone from Tokio Hotel. I was like "huh? Who are they?" and looked them up, too. First reaction - "DAMN That girl is so pretty! Wish I was as pretty :O " turns out it's not a girl.
I still don't really get why girls are like "Bill is so hootttttt" well, not really. He looks like a girl.
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22 / F / Somewhere
Posted 9/29/08
My fave one is Ready,Set,Go!
i think its about the end of the world.....well thats what I think
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29 / F / Florida
Posted 9/29/08
Those emos
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