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Does Kim Jeong Hoon ever get the girl?
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Posted 8/7/08

koi_jap wrote:

yeah.....huhuhuhu...jeong hoon is soo cute...

instead of feeling bad for him....

it makes me happy every time he does not get the girl..

meaning....I still have the chance!!!!!!! *joke* hahahahahaha

lol i feeel the samme way :P
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Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08

imanuraisha wrote:

yeah!! i heard abt he's acted in one twmovie as lead role
never watched it cuz i dun really lyke twdrama or movies

i'll definitely watch if he's in jdrama or he can speak japanese

Love strategy is a mainland drama... the style is probably closer to a kdrama (cough, Full House, cough) than a twdrama. In fact, the script writer is the same as the one for "Lovers in Paris," a kdrama.
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