Best way to spend your summer,,,,,
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Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/7/08
I need your help,, i guess
I kinda need summer activities,, but it has to be indoor (im a homebody and im the person usually left on the house)
so I need you guys to please tell me what are the things you can spend youre time on in the summer that can (be worthwhile thanks in advance)

to be more specific,,(if its the internet)
what sites are the most worthwhile of your time
thanks again
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Posted 8/7/08
staying home for like the whole summer? that sucks

the least i could say is play video games, well you have access in the net so you could try online games as well, at least that's better since you can interact with someone
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Posted 8/7/08
Duplicate as reported.

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