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Posted 8/7/08
During your time off from school what Parties have you been at?
Where and how was it?
How long was it?
Did the cops come and arrest you? jk ^ ^
Posted 8/15/08
i have been to 5 lol
the best one was the last one
it was really kool cuz it was mine my mom is a badass mom so she rented an aparment and we all were celebrating she bought us drinks it was really kool it lasted till like 6 am everyone was dancing doing their stuff i had bunch of fun but my dad is a evil person and came like around 2 am to mess up my party but all my friends told him to get the hell out of here he said he was going to call the cops but i told him if he did he will be sorry so he didnt and we kept the party going
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24 / M / Sembawang/Singapore
Posted 8/20/08
damn i nvr gone to a party other den my own since all we do is sit there boring =O
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Posted 8/21/08
haha...the last party i went to was crazy....everyone was jumping up and down, dancing, being hyper and it was all sweaty and smelly......
Posted 8/21/08
Yeah well most Parties are like that.
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Posted 8/30/08
XD i agree with peter except that if it was smelly i'll probally bring an air mask just in case (jk)
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Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/10/08
Me and a few friends had a party over the summer. it was at my bro's house,the whole place was mostly one big dance floor which was really funny considering the fact the the house was basicly one crampt hall way a kitchen and a living room of coarse with all the people boozing it up al over the place it was hard to tell wich room you were in (it didn't help that I was all ready 3 sheets to the wind myself) The night got a little crazy when we all thought it would be fun to go out into the streets and joust eachother on our bikes with mops and brooms, Needless to say the police didn't find our shenanagans as funny as we did,but thats the only way a true party should end in this cat's opinion.
Posted 9/10/08
Lol some parties here at my school is crazy, pool, themes, and explicit parties >___>;;
Posted 9/13/08
ives been to one parties..........
its was at my cousins house....... its was good. ^^
its was so long i fell asleep cuz me was tired........... lol

the party was really fun. ^^ the kids were killing me n the other. (older ones only:10-13)
i went against all the kidz n they all died............ lol............
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Posted 9/28/08
lol^-^ I went to one party that was really....weird....I can't remember when it was, b/c I didn't stay for long....-_- It was soooo boring and u had to dress up like a porcelin doll!!!-_- I'm so glad I only stayed for bout 30 minutes.^-^lol
Also, I went to this one party that was sooo crazy!!!^-^lmao One game we played was spin the bottle. This was on Christmas Eve if ur wondeing...^-^ There was also the mistletoe joke. I felt srry for Geremy, he had to kiss a girl, even though he had a gf.O_O But it was realyy funny watching him get hit by his gf, but their ok now.^-^lol I love crazy parties at^-^
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Posted 11/25/08
aww i guys r all luckyy....only parties recently that ive been to are full of babies. as in 1-5 year olds. TT^TT
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22 / F / Asia
Posted 4/2/09
the last party i went~
well, its a wedding~ haha X3
lolsss. i love the foods~!! :DD
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