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Julie's Love Life

This is the story of a girl where her life goes into a rollercoaster.
Julie then enters her new High school.

*sigh* “I hope I can do this.”
“Okay students. We have a new student.” said Julie's new teacher, Mrs. Cope.
“um... H-hi my name is Julie Nguyen.”
“Okay Julie you can sit next to Isaac Murphy.”
“Hi I'm Isaac.”
Julie turns to Isaac.
That was it. The moment she turned to him,she fell in love. She saw his beautiful face. Blue eyes, perfect skin, some freckles on his cheeks, and beautiful brown hair to tie it all together.
“H-hi Isaac.”
“So are you smart in math?”
“uh.. I guess”
“okay great! Can you tutor me?”
Julie disappointed “you mean like at your house?”
“sure! Yeah where ever is fine!”
“uhh... yeah sure.”
“okay I'll meet you here after school!”
*skip most school time*
Julie waited about an hour after school for Isaac. Then another hour.
By then it was 9 o'clock. She decided to leave when a guy came running to her.
“hey! You Julie! Go home! Isaac's just lying! He's just trying to embarrass you!”
“What? How can I know your not lying?”
“Because.....” He hesitates for a second.

“I thought so. You have no reason to lie to me!”
“Fine, stay here as long as you want. If he doesn't come, just ask him about it tomorrow!”
“FINE!” After a while she decided to go home since it was 11 o'clock.
The next day Julie went to Isaac and asked him, “ umm.. Isaac? How come you didn't show yesterday?”
“Well I couldn't make it because.........”
wait 4 second chapter!

Yay! 1st chapter done!
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write mooore ;P
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wow that go me now i want 2 know what happens next lolz
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