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Post Reply Spirits/ghosts, angels, and demons. Do they exists?
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52 / F / Atlanta GA
Posted 10/2/10
Sounds like fun if i belived in hell or god, Tolled this to many people if I meet God it could kiss my ass.
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73 / M
Posted 10/5/10
Only when I masturbate.
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20 / F / Liverpool, Mersey...
Posted 7/9/11
I believe all of them are real
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23 / M / The Netherlands
Posted 7/10/11
I assume none of these supernatural creatures exist (including god).

But I think I want them to exist
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23 / F
Posted 7/16/11
I felt one, and where I used to live my cats would always stare at the stairs and even play with them.

My step-dad also heard little children laughing in the same area, seems that explains what my cats were playing with.
Posted 7/16/11
it depends on how honest you can be with yourself. Are you really going to allow your brain to process things it can't normally fathom? or will you restrict yourself and let common knowledge rule your life. It is always good to try and stretch your reasoning and your understanding of life, but just how far can you go without looking like a fool?
Posted 7/16/11
yeah.....i do think all of them are around in some other plane ethereal manifestations sure
Posted 7/17/11

This succubus gves me pleasure every night between my sheets..

Maybe thats y I'm feeling tired and life less lately but its ok i'll take the pleasure...

wait it was my ex gf nvm...

Posted 8/5/11
I believe they exist.
Posted 8/6/11
Fictionally as ideological creations kept within the context of stories. Not to be confused with reality.
Posted 8/12/11
And to think!

Perhaps an innocently wronged, angelic but naughty in a nice olde fashioned way, ghost of the past,
just might have access to a computer!!

Amazing thought now isn't it now????
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21 / F
Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/13/11
I havent exactly experienced any sort of spiritual activity as such... But i strongly believe that demons exist and soo do angels... Our world and people are constantly influenced by these two forces (angels and demons). Demons are very real even though they dont appear to be so, they're more real than you and i..... Demons dont always have to appear as ghosts or whatever and freak you out or posses someone.. they have different ways of working... For people like us Demons have a different way of influencing us, very often! And that is through our minds...

But its upto you to decide... if you want you can believe that they dont exist, and thats what satan would want you to do! And if you do believe be on ur guard :)

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32 / M / Not here... back...
Posted 8/16/11
Who can say for sure? Even people who have claimed to see something strange, myself included, really have no real proof positive that such things do exist. That's what makes them so fascinating.
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In in this world...
Posted 8/26/11
They are real. But if you have Jesus and don't mess with the evil ones (demons and stuff) you will be fine. :)
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Posted 9/6/11
Personally, I think spirits do not exist in any form. I'm more impressed by the human imagination. However, I will relate the closest thing to a "spiritual" event that happened to me.

During my honeymoon, my wife and I went to the small island of Jejudo, South Korea. This island is known for the women free divers who make a living diving for shellfish. One of the tourist sites on the island is a Chinese style bridge (the type that arches like a giant half-circle) that cross a small river gorge. It was near sunset when my beloved and I reached the apex of the bridge. I looked down at the rocky river bottom below, shadowed in spring twilight. A peculiar urge came over me and I teased my wife, "I think I see bodies down there in the depths." Indeed the shape of the rocks and writhing fronds of submerged plants seemed to give the impression of dark shapes in the shadows. My wife pulled me back and admonished me for making such a gloomy joke.

As we were walking away, an elderly merchant lady hustled up to us and spoke in urgent Korean. She shook her head and then walked away. My Korean is poor, so my wife told me that the old lady had been watching us with concern and had been immensely relieved when we had walked off the bridge. Exactly a week before, at the same time, a young couple-whose parents had forbidden their relationship--had thrown themselves to their death from that very spot and she had been worried that we were copycat lovers.

This story also counts as one of my closest to being an "anime" moment. Something that might happen in a romantic anime. I'm sure in such a story, we'd vow to honor that couple, by being happy together for the rest of our lives. For us, it's been 10 years, and there have been ups and downs, and hopefully, there's a long ways to go yet.
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