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Post Reply Spirits/ghosts, angels, and demons. Do they exists?
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17 / F
Posted 8/20/14
I believe ghost, demons, angels and whatever spiritual, paranormal and everything else along those lines exist. I've had my encounters in my life (the oldies keep telling me that I posses something--I just ignore that ever single time). Most of the time they try to attack... I'd like to wonder about that though.

Oh. I also have a question... when you encounter a nightmare, are there people who wake up with scratches and bruises around their bodies when they wake up..? hehe... just wondering...
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48 / Niggerous,VA
Posted 17 days ago
Slaying a turd is just as equivalent in the vanquishing of evil entities.
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M/F / Chicago
Posted 15 days ago , edited 15 days ago
The word Demon is derived from the ancient Greek word demos, which in translation means "the people." Yes, I believe in the existence of demons because that is our namesake

The first demons.
In the Jewish version of the Garden of Eden, Adam had a first wife and her name was Lilith. Lilith and Adam were both equally made of clay by the hands of god and allowed to live in the garden. Though Lilith lived with Adam and had his children she refused to submit to Adam, woman refused to submit to man. The result of her refusal was that Lilith was cast to the darkest regions of the garden and her children were named "demons."

There are a number of myths in different religions regard Lilith who has also been named the lady of the night, the mother whore, the desert demon who devours women and children, Lilitu or Lilit. All of this stemming from her refusal to submit to Adam in the old texts.

The christian's remove Lilith from the story of the Garden of Eden and replace Lilith with a screech owl.

Why are women treated the way they are? I wonder...

We are all demos.

Well... if you believe in such things.

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