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[Game] Miki X Yoru
Posted 10/23/08
yh i'll ignore coz yoru has just ended with 'i cant live any longer'

Yoru: I can't live any longer...
Suddenly, Ran, who has split up from the other charas who are looking for Yoru, spots him.
Ran: Yoru!
Yoru: ...
Ran: Yoru, Miki is...
Yoru: SHE HATES ME, Ran. Just piss off.
Miki Arrives
Miki: YORU!!!
Miki throws arms around Yoru and starts crying.
Yoru: ...
Miki: I love you, Yoru... please don't go...
Yoru: ...
Miki: Please... I love you more than anything else in the whole world. Everytime I say this it seems something bad is going to happen, but please, forgive me... for now...
Yoru returns the hug.
Yoru: Miki... Never scare me like that, ever again...
Miki: Lets go find Amu and Ikuto.


Amu: Ikuto, lets do it.
Ikuto: Amu, you're like, 11. You're not really that sexy.
Ikuto: Fine, lets just do it.

Miki and Yoru: HI GUYS!


Amu: Leg it!
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27 / F / Halloween Town
Posted 10/23/08
(Okay seriously.. wth with Amu and Ikuto?)

Miki and Yoru:NO! Are you insane? We overheard you talking, you're only 11 years old!
Amu: So? It's not my faulth some person wants to write me off as a slut!
Miku sighs: Amu, that's the wrong way to think, you have to believe in your own worth. Now you will go home, and Yoru and I will go into his egg and I will draw a picture of his..
Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08


Amu: *Wakes Up* Hey, Ran, Miki, Su
Ran: Miki slept over at Yoru's
Amu: And she's calling me a slut T.T
Posted 11/4/08
Come on someone posttt
Posted 11/4/08
come on... am i the only one who loves this topic to bits <3???
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27 / F / The netherlands
Posted 11/4/08
Su: Well Amu your rlly a slut~ Desu ;D
Ran: Yeah amu-chan u slut!
Amu: Yeah i rlly am a slut


Miki: Yoru u know what we should go on a date
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23 / F / Marlboro, New Jersey
Posted 11/5/08
miki giggles and says "ok lets go on a date." and yoru takes miki to a fancy restaurant just for shugo charas and they eat dinner together. after their dessert, the tables and chairs suddenly disappear to reveal a dance floor. A musician starts playing a really romantic son and yoru and miki dance to it. Then miki trips and yoru catches her and hugs her really tight. Looking up, miki blushes and says, "oh im sorry." then yoru says, "its alright and kisses her.
Posted 11/5/08
Yoru: =]...
Miki: I love you. I love you so much...
Yoru: ILY too...


>Amu's house<

Miki: I'm home!!
Amu: How was it...
Miki: <3<3<3<3
Amu: Ikuto never takes me out >=[


>Knock Knock<
Miki: ...huh?
>Knock Knock<

*Miki looks toward window, Daichi is there. Miki opens window*

Miki: Daichi! What are you doing here?
Daichi: Miki, I need to talk to you...
Miki: ...
Daichi: I mean, i know you're going out with Yoru and all, but...
Miki: ...but what?
Daichi: I feel, if you go with Yoru, there's no one left for me...
Miki: ...there's Ran... and Su... and Kusu Kusu... and...
Daichi: But the only one I love...
Miki: ...
Daichi: That's you.
Miki: ...
*Daichi flies away*


Miki: ...what do i do now??? I don't want to break someone's heart, but i still love Yoru...


Miki: Who am i talking to =.=

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26 / F / in a place with m...
Posted 11/9/08
Miki: maybe i should find Daichi someone that likes him and then they will gradually fall in love with each other. yes, that's a veyr good plan. and i will continue loving Yoru.
i just hope that the plan works out!!!
what if it doesn't...
*urgh* too much thinking

(someone please continue)
Posted 11/10/08
Miki: I KNOW! RAN!
Ran: What?
Miki: Nothin *Evil Smile*
Ran: ...Oh wateva. im tired.
Miki listens outside Ran's egg.
Ran: Oh Daichi... I love you too...
Miki: Okay...that was easy. Now i need Daichi to love Ran back =]
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31 / F / Earth, Asia, Sing...
Posted 11/13/08
Miki whips up a love potion with the help of a sorceress called Etherae and puts one of Ran's hairs in it.
She slips it into daichi's sports drink secretly at the guardians meeting. She waits with bated breath as daichi finishes his drink.
Daichi: I feel so...dizzy
Daichi slumps on to the floor...
Ran stands over daichi...
Suddenly, Daichi stands up and kisses Ran.

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27 / F / go look for me
Posted 11/14/08
ran with a shocked face pushes daichi and suddenly blushes..

RAN:ah.. are you ok??
DAICHI: off course! i'm with the girl i love!

ran blushes..

MIKI: YES!!!!!
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Posted 11/14/08
(im nt very good at tis)

then Yoru comes to look for Miki.....

Yoru:Miki!! <3
Kiseki:R u 2 2gether?
Yoru:Yea Mr. King

(kiseki turns and cries)
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27 / F / go look for me
Posted 11/14/08
as kiseki weeps yoru and miki are both lovey-dovey..

daichi: oh ran i love you with all my heart!
ran: daichi ive always loved you. your so cool and so good at sports like me.. its like were made for each other!
(both with heart-shaped eyes and holding hands with glittery background)

miki: (whispers to herself "things turn out the way i planned.. heeheehee")
your: what was that miki?
miki:oph nothing i just wanted to say i love you so much yoru!(then jumps at yoru and gives him a big hug!)

kiseki crying and at the sea of despair..(talking to himself while going outside) this so unfair.. i like miki as well and she didnt return my feelings! im the king i should be followed.. everything i say shall hence forth commence.. hahahahahahaha!

(got carried away.. please continue^_^)
Posted 11/14/08
Miki: Sh*t now i have to hook kiseki up with someone...
Yoru: Who cares?
*they enter makeout heaven.*
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