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What anime made you go crazy?
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20 / M / Seattle, Washington
Posted 3/29/09
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.
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Posted 3/29/09
no anime can make me crazy.. lol..
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F / A place where Log...
Posted 4/11/09
I think a better question would be what anime didn't make me go crazy!
*Inuyasha: WTH kind of ending was that?! That was a complete and utter disgrace!
*Death Note: So many Saturday nights spent screaming at the television about L, Light and Near's stupidity... Good times.
*Code Geass: I could just ditto my explanation from Death Note...
*Almost all shoujo anime: The girl always annoys the crap out of me.

There are many more, but I can't remember them all.
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23 / F / Crimson Silence
Posted 4/12/09
Vampire Knight - really got me hooked..I kind of miss and annoyed if I didn't see Kaname in an episode.. :sweatingbullets:
Lucky Star - I start imitating the opening dance after I watched the first episode...
Haruhi - same as Lucky Star..I can't believe that Haruhi is like a god..
elfen Lied - first expression in the first episode I'm not into bloody scenes but I did able to recover, it is just a great series...after the series
School Days - I had nightmares after watching this...
Myself Yourself - too predictable for me but I have hang overs after watching this..
Claymore - really a good series...I'm a Galatea and Teresa fan! Its just the drawings (in anime and in manga) are just too beautiful...
xxxholic - I'm really addict in this...Yuuko's words stuck in my mind..
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22 / M / Secret Bat Cave ^...
Posted 4/12/09
Cowboy bebop - edward makes me crazy haha XD,her attitudes/characteristics :D
Posted 4/12/09
code geass always make me crazy lol!!
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28 / F / philippines
Posted 4/12/09
i'd have to say bleach... i got so hooked... and i go crazy when they put in fillers or the manga isn't out yet. Dunno what it is about Bleach. Sigh... And I'm pretty sure I'd really, definitely go crazy if it turned out to be Ichigo x Inoue....
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19 / F / Tokyo Japan
Posted 4/12/09 , edited 4/12/09
List of anime the made me CHAGRIN-
Vampire knight (don't know how this is still popular)
shugo chara (mary sue FTW)
inuyasha (there's a fine line between good ending anime, and HORRIBLE ending)
shoujo anime (yeah, that is SO true love... NOT)
la corda d'oro (seriously, this anime is like on crack. the girl's such a mary sue, AND stupid! also, NO PLOT)
naruto, bleach, one piece- most fans are hardcore geeks. normal people who like it get ashamed of them.
fruits basket (someone, please kill the main girl. she's a bad example of women...)
gundam seed (compared to other gundams... it seems someone just shitted diarrhea and broadcasted it.
bokura ga ita (... *head explodes*)
TTGL (overrated crap)
school days (...no words)

List of anime that are actually worth time watching-
code geass (only bad thing is, is all the fangirls saying "ZOMG LELOUCH IS STILL ALIVE!!!" stfu, seriously)
gintama (epic. need I say more?)
baccano! (masterpiece!)
higurashi no naku koro ni (no comment, it's just cool)
black cat (... average... not good not bad but certainly worth watching)
ouran (funny, hate the guys)
skip beat! (funny, true love, but bad thing is... FANGIRLS)
death note (good, well thought out... but fangirls and overrated-ness)
gundam series (mostly UC, except if you hate it when screen moves every second)
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Posted 5/18/09
Shugo Chara = Crazy in a good waay.

Vampire knight = Crazy in a bad way V_V.
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69 / M / magic banig
Posted 5/18/09 , edited 5/18/09
DBZ made me go crazy. Goku always won and Vegeta always lost. Sucks...
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22 / F / philippines
Posted 5/18/09

me too.!!!!
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21 / F / On a Camel!
Posted 6/25/09

ani_nerd wrote:

summer_boredom_75 wrote:

-shakugan no shana..... i became so obsessed... i bought the dvd and i watch it every empty weekend.. i lowered my school grades... hehe it also made me more addicted to manga/anime

-skip beat... when i first heard that skip beat was going to be made into an anime i started reading the manga to see if i would like it... and i ended up loving it so much.... i check in every website possible to see when the next episode (unfortunately it's going to end today) or chapter is going to come out... i just love kotokoXren!!!!! weeeeeeehooooooo

-School days.... it scarred me the first time i watched it so much that i watched it a second and third time!!! i love how fucked up it is... one of my favs

-Mai-hime... for some reason it really did affet me... i really loved it alooot!

-Elfen lied.... it was the start of anime.... my 13th summer a friend recommended it to me... and then i saw it... after that.... i haven't stopped watching anime.... in a year and a half i have seen more than 120 animes!

Daang you are crazy LOL. I am the same way

Yes my friends look down on me because they think i am obsessed with manga and anime... i tried to stop but i can't and im running out of things to read and watch so if you have any suggestions please give them... i need more!!!! ^_^
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20 / F / Dubai
Posted 6/25/09 , edited 6/25/09

right now i only have 1 anime in my mind........!!!!


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Posted 6/25/09
Vampire Knight cuz of all the blood and horror THE HORROR!!!
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Posted 6/25/09
claymore because i liked it and the anime ended befor the story did
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