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Post Reply koihime musou characters and their 3 kingdom counterparts
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Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/23/08
After reading this, this sounds like a complete cheap ripoff of Ikki Tousen and it's 3 seasons. I guess it's worth watching though. Seriously, based on the names ALL OF THEM ARE THE EXACT SAME...
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Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/25/08
hey, did u guys know that there's another SUPER ecchi anime called
IKKITOUSEN .. theres 3 seasons so far and its based on romance of the 3 kingdoms as well
but the main character isn't kannu, its sonsaku. =]
if you ignore the big boobies, the anime is acutally pretty interesting..
umm, u cant watch 1st season on CR since its license, but season 2 and 3 are watchable =]
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Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08
Kannu: Guan Yu ( yes my favourite chracter of the three kingdom is the main character xD)
Koumei : Zhuge Liang ( Still wanna see her use the fan though lol)
Rinrin: Zhang Fei ( Strong girl with a small body xD)
Ryofu: Lu Bu (MONSTER Favs)
Bachou: Ma Chao (Kinda similar)
Kyocho: Xu Zhu ( i tink food freaks xD)

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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/2/09
Yeah it's based off the 3 Kingdoms story.
San guong yin yi..
Lol, I dont really know who General Zhang Fei got transformed into... :O
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Posted 10/9/09 , edited 10/9/09
man!!! i really love how they made counterparts of those chinese warriors into girls!! lol! XD I LOVE THIS ANIME! and there is still a 2nd season! and i never knew there was! @[email protected] lol!
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Posted 3/7/10 , edited 3/7/10
I know .
Posted 8/17/13 , edited 8/17/13
i wish their was a list with a picture of each character of the 3 seasons so i could find the right pics for stuff
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