Mystery 6 Continuum
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Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/9/08
It had been a long time since anyone in Super Junior had heard the word “ghost” or “haunting”. Not a single member was going to forget what happened but most of them just didn’t want to remember what had happened. Donghae was just glad that the whole thing was over and so were the rest of the members. Donghae slept peacefully every night now and was not getting sick any more, but after 3 months of nothing exciting happening something was about to change. No one saw it coming and everyone saw it happen.
“PARTY” screamed Shindong. All of the members were gathered in the living room. Even though the living room could only comfortable fit 5-6 people it was fitting 13 people and everyone was watching the where they were stepping as not to step on anyone’s feet.
“Lets start this party!” Heechul screamed loud enough to be heard but quiet enough as to not disturb the neighbors.
It was about 11 o’clock and every one was starting to get tired after a long day of working and partying. Hankyung was in the kitchen cleaning the dished and plates with Eeteuk, Sungmin Ryeowook, and Yesung. Kibum, Eunhyuk, Kangin, and Shindong were playing video games. Siwon was reading his book on the couch oblivious to what was going on around him. Heechul was sitting next to Siwon reading a magazine. Donghae and Kyuhyun were standing on the balcony looking out over the city.
“Donghae is that what I think it is?” Kyuhyun said point a finger and breaking the silence between them.
Donghae looked down to where Kyuhyun was pointing. There in the far corner away from them there lay a body. The body was covered in blood and looked like it had been there a while.
“Guys come here NOW!” Donghae screamed.
Every one came running expecting to see something cool outside but what Donghae showed them was not cool at all it was weird.
“Do you guys see that?” Donghae asked the rest of the members. Slowly their smiled faded and faces turned to stared of shock and confusion.
“What is that?” Sungmin asked.
“I believe it is called a dead person Sherlock” Heechul said sounding annoyed that Sungmin asked the question.
“I know that but what is it doing here?” Sungmin asked again sounding mad at Heechul “Why is it all the way in the back?”
“I don’t know but lets just call the police and let them know what happened so that we don’t get in trouble and so that they can try and find out what happened” Shindong said a bit scared of what was happening.
“All ready going to do so,” Eeteuk said on his way to the kitchen the get his cell phone.
After about 5 minuets the police were at Super Junior’s front door ready to get evidence and remove the body and after another 50 minuets the police gathered the evidence and took all of the members stories which matched up perfectly. After the police left all of the members decided it would be better if they all just went to bed and instead of the members returning to the other apartment they would just sleep at the one apartment.
“I’m so tired,” said Eeteuk walking into his room.
“I know what you mean,” Sungmin said walking to the bathroom. “OWW” He screamed after walking into the bathroom door. “Who closed the doo? Ohhh” he said after realizing even though it was his turn to use the bathroom there were 13 people in one house so the bathroom rules that he took a week to create were out the window for a while.

The next morning was the craziest thing that had ever happened. Everyone was trying to get to the bathroom and everyone was trying to eat breakfast at the same time. Hankyung had a hard enough time keeping up with breakfast orders for the normal people in the room but now all 13 was like asking a army if they want chocolate, vanilla, or both. It was insanity and about 3 people went completely insane.
After all of the members had left for their day the rest of the day went by really well. The people who went insane returned to normal and managed to complete their day with out any other problems.
When all of the members came back to the apartment all 13 of them it was crazy. Hankyung was the last to come home with Sungmin and when he came home to see 11 hungry faces he almost ran out of the apartment just a quick as he came in.
“Stop yelling! Don’t worry I’ll cook what you all want!” was the first thing Hankyung got to say once he walked in. No ‘I’m home’ or ‘I’m back’ no he had to tell the members to back off of him before he ran out of breathing room.
When all of the members had eaten their food they all found something else to occupy themselves with. But after half an hour at 7:30 Eeteuk told all of the members to start getting ready for bed.
“Why” asked Donghae “Why now”
“Because it will take up 2 hours just to get ready them we still have to set up the other beds for the other members” Eeteuk responded.
“Ohhh.” Donghae sigh reluctantly “I get it now.”
After 2 and a half hours of getting ready for bed all of the members were ready to get to bed. All of the members climbed into their beds or make shift beds and went to sleep almost immediatley. That is everyone except Donghae. Donghae was to busy think about the body and how it could have gotten there. His mind was full of possibilities of how the body could have gotten there. Finally after a while of thinking about it sleep came to him and he slept the rest of the night peacefully.
“Eeteuk hyung!” Donghae said staring at something in his hands “come and look at this!”
“What it’s like 3 AM,” Eeteuk said with a very tired sounding voice.
“No it’s 9 and just come here!” Donghae exclaimed again.
As Eeteuk got up and walked over to Donghae who was standing by the door he realised that Donghae had a newspaper in his hands and that he had just gotten it from the store in their apartment complex.
One the from page there was a head line that said, “House found covered in blood. No body found.”
“What the?” Eeteuk said with a stare on his face “What is going on?”
Just then Sungmin came up behind them and stared at the newspaper.
“Donghae read it” Sungmin said as the rest of the members started to gather around them.
“Police are focusing their investigation on a house covered in blood. In the house there was no body or another possible way for the blood to have gotten there.
‘I believe that this is just a prank done by kids who wanted to get a good news story.’ Said police Sgt. Choi Hyunsu.
The ‘blood’ was taken to a lab where it was discovered to be actual blood from a female.
The police are now focusing their attention on finding the body of a woman presumable between the ages of 16-19 years of age.
If you have any information please call the local police station at 714-0113.” Donghae finished.
As Donghae finished he looked up to see all of the members with expressions of shock on their faces. No one heard any body fall but that might have been because the music was to loud. Also no one noticed the police sirens and lights.
“Im scared!” Sungmin screamed right into Eunhyuk’s ear causing him to leap back in shock. “I don’t want this to be a murder mystery type of thing and what if the body on the balcony was from that house?”
“If it was” Heechul started
“We should call the police so they can know where the body is.” Yesung finished.
“Right” they all said together.
As Kibum went to go call the police the rest of the members went out to the balcony to see if they could figure out a way the body could have gotten there without people noticing.
“You really couldn’t put a body here with out at least one person noticing.” Kangin said.
“Your right,” Siwon said “it’s almost like you could only get the body in here through the front door and you need the key for that and we were here the whole time.”
Every one turned and looked at Siwon like he was the culprit.
“Hey! I’m just saying what I think don’t think I could have done it!” He yelled at them and they all went back to try and see of their own ways of how the body could have gotten on the balcony could have worked.
It had been one and a half weeks since that night and every one had started to sleep a little better but for some reason everyone had a hard time sleeping that night. Everyone was trying even harder to figure out how the body got there. Finally everyone went to sleep, everyone except Donghae. He was still thinking about the possible ways the body could have gotten there. Finally sleep came to him but it did not last very long. Donghae kept twisting and turning so much that it even work up Yesung who was know to be a very deep sleeper. Images kept flashing inside Donghae’s mind. Images he did want to see again especially after he watched the Mystery 6 episodes. He kept seeing images of a girl running from some one in a house. All of the doors and windows were locked. The girl had long brown hair down to the middle of her back and she had tears in here eyes. She kept trying to find a way out and finally she was backed into a corner.
“RUN! GET OUT OF THERE! GET AWAY!” Donghae screamed.
The girl glanced at Donghae for a second then just stared up at the unknown man in horror.
“RUN!” Donghae screamed again.
Suddenly a metal bat cam down over the girl’s head extremely hard and caused her to fall to the ground motionless. The man kept hitting the girl with the bat over and over again until you couldn’t even tell who the girl was anymore. Donghae started to cry he didn’t want to see any more. Suddenly he felt some start to shake him.
“DONGHAE!” Kyuhyun screamed at his hyungs face, “WAKE UP! Jungsu come here now I think Donghae is hurt!”
“WHAT?” Eeteuk screamed as he ran into Donghae and Kyuhyun’s room. Kyuhyun was standing next to Donghae’s bed and on the bed was Donghae who was starting to convulse with tear streaks down his cheeks.
“DONGHAE!” Eeteuk screamed loud enough to wake ever member in the house.
“Donghae!” screamed Eunhyuk as all of the members came running into the room to see what was happening. Siwon and Kangin ran over to the bed and started to hold Donghae down so he would not fall off of the bed and hurt himself. Suddenly Donghae screamed a blood-curdling scream that sent shivers down every member’s spine.
Finally after about 45 seconds Donghae started to stop convulsing. Siwon grabbed Donghae and turned him onto his side so he would not choke on his own saliva or vomit.
“What do we do now?” Sungmin asked franticly.
“There’s nothing we can do. I really don’t think that it was a seizure so I don’t think that we should call the hospital.” Siwon said staring and Donghae who was now lying on the bed peacefully.
“Why don’t you think so?” Hankyung asked.
“Because when you are having a seizure you cannot talk and the fact that Donghae was able to scream means that I was not a seizure and something just scared him really bad.” Siwon said reassuring the members.
“So what scared him so bad?” Ryeowook asked.
“Maybe he was thinking about the body to hard and his mind couldn’t take it.” Yesung suggested.
“I don’t think so,” Kyuhyun said “Donghae sure acts like a baby at times but when ever something is bothering him he does not let us know and he over comes it on his own and that makes him strong in body and mind.”
“Your right,” Yesung said with a sigh “so all we can do now is wait until he wakes up.”
“And that could take minuets or days” Shindong said will a heavy expression.
“Everyone? Where are you?” Donghae asked.
It had been 2 hours since the incident and he was alone. He hated to be alone. He was surrounded by darkness. Whenever he was alone in the dark he would just curl up and wait until someone came for him. So Donghae curled up and waited and waited and waited but no one came. Donghae started to cry. He was sad no one else was around so he started to cry. Suddenly he felt a soft cloth on his face wiping his tears away. He wanted to see who it was but he couldn’t open his eyes. 15 minuets later when he gathered up enough strength he opened his eyes.
He was still in the darkness and he couldn’t tell if he had his eyes open or closed still. He started to make out the shape of the room. It was still his room and the windows were black so he figured that it was still nighttime. He let his eyes adjust to the darkness again and he could make out the bed where Kyuhyun slept except Kyuhyun was nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden the lights went on and Donghae slammed his eyes back shut because of the light. Slowly he opened his eyes and saw Siwon coming to check on him. Siwon saw him open his eyes and walked over to the bed as not to startle him.
“What happened?” Donghae asked Siwon in a quiet whisper.
“I was hoping you could tell me,” Siwon said being just as quiet.
Donghae thought for a little bit then shot straight up in the bed so fast that it startled Siwon.
“What happened to the girl?” Donghae asked Siwon in a loud voice that made the rest of the members walk come into the room.
“Donghae!” Heechul and Kyuhyun exclaimed at the same time.
“Your awake” Sungmin said going over to Donghae to give him a great big hug but Siwon stopped him.
“What do you mean by what happened to the girl?” Siwon asked confused, “You mean the girl on the balcony. You know what happened her body was taken to the”
“No” interrupted Donghae, “I mean the girl that was attacked and murdered.”
“Donghae” Eeteuk said quietly “ no one was murdered.”
“Then what about that girl?” Donghae asked with a look of disbelief and confusion on his face.
“Where you dreaming?” Shindong asked Donghae.
“I couldn’t have been could I?” Donghae said while glancing down. “She looked right at me when I told her to run.”
All of the members stared at Donghae in disbelief and confusion.
“Maybe you should go back to sleep. You’ve had a long and hard day.” Kibum said trying to get Donghae to rest a little more.
“But Kibum, how do you expect me to sleep when that’s all I’ve bee doing for the part like 3 hours?” Donghae asked in shock.
“I don’t know but you better sleep. Manager hyung won’t let you have the day off tomorrow because it is going to be a big schedule for everyone.” Kibum said being quite confident.
With that all of the members left the room to let Donghae sleep. Donghae couldn’t sleep though. He was to busy trying to remember if the dream he had was real. Finally after half an hour sleep finally came to him.
Donghae had been asleep for about an hour when he started to dream.
There was a girl in a house with all of the doors and windows locked. She was wearing a blue and purple striped shirt and jeans. Donghae could see clearly that the girl had a small scar just above her left eye. It was the same girl as before except this time it did not seem like the previous dream. The girl was still running from someone but it was a different part of the house. The girl ran into her room and tried to lock the door but the man was too quick. He slammed open the door and went straight over to the girl.
“Why does this place look so familiar?” Donghae wondered to himself.
Suddenly it hit him.
“This is the same apartment building!” Donghae realised.
By now the girl was in the corner of her room looking for something to defend herself with.
“Run!” someone yelled.
“Was that me?” thought Donghae “I thought I didn’t make a sound.
The girl looked up at Donghae for a second then went back to looking at her attacker. The bat came down again and with each blow Donghae could only whimper and watch helplessly. This time Donghae made sure to try and stay calm so that he would not wake up.
“Now I can see what will happen.” Donghae thought to himself.
The man turned around. He was small in stature and he had one brown eye one hazel eye. He had blood on his face, hands, shirt and pants and it was all over the bat. Donghae almost threw up. The man walked over to the bathroom and cleaned off the bat and his face and hands in the shower. Then he went to clean up the body.
“Who is this guy anyway?” Donghae wondered.
The man picked up the body and put it down on a tarp he had layed out in the living room. Then he cleaned up the blood in the room.
“That should do it,” said the man and with that he went to the body and wrapped it up.
“Jeez. How could I have raised you like this? You are so like your mother. Talk, talk, and talk all about nothing. Here for 3 days and nothing but Super Junior this and Super Junior that. You want to see them so bad then go and meet them!” the man yelled at the life less body as he carried it out of the apartment to the Super Junior dorm.
Donghae woke up with a startle. Scarring all of the members Donghae jumped out of bed and ran to the front door.
“Follow Me,” he screamed to them as he went running by.
He ran to the neighbor’s door and saw a foot print on it just under the doorknob. The lock was broken and the door was partially open and all the lights were off.
“Some one broke in while they are on vacation.” Ryeowook said.
Donghae opened the door and went over to the balcony. On the balcony was a pool of blood.
“He threw the body on to out balcony from this one.” Donghae said sounding not surprised at all.
“So he murdered the girl, broke into another house and scarred up like crazy.” Yesung said.
“Not just a girl” Donghae said with a grim because he was happy he knew what was going on “his daughter.”

The next week the front-page newspaper said, “Murder case solved.”
“People who do not wish to be identified have solved the case. One man kept getting dreams about the murder and saw it happen in the dream. The police arrested Kim EuiKon, Kim AeYoung’s father, last Wednesday. Mr. Kim killed his daughter because he became mad that all AeYoung talked about was Super Junior. Mr. Kim killed AeYoung with a bat at approximatley 10 PM.
“All of the evidence points to him” said police Sgt. Choi”
The trial will be held. Next Monday at 11 AM

“You did it!” Sungmin yelled at Donghae giving he a huge hug.
“Yeah” Donghae replied with a sigh.

The next night Donghae was awake lying on his bed think about the day before. AeYoung all of a sudden walked out of the corner of the room and came to him but Donghae was not scared but he was confused.
“Thank you” AeYoung said, “You helped me so much and I finally got to meet you” and with that she vanished
Donghae didn’t even know what to say but he got under his covers and closed his eyes
“Your welcome.” Donghae said with a smile on his face.

Might not be a direct relation to the Mystery 6 but it is about ghosts and Donghae
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Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/9/08
nice one...
i've been waiting for the story...
hope there is more....
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25 / F / South Korea
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08

musefeera wrote:

nice one...
i've been waiting for the story...
hope there is more....

if you want me to make a pt2 for this I can but I don't now what to write it about. Wait a minute I think I have an idea for it. Let me know if you want me to make a pt2 (^_^)v
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
wow great story! [by the way thanks for accepting invite] you should totally write a second part!!
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08

SalmonMhaki wrote:

wow great story! [by the way thanks for accepting invite] you should totally write a second part!!

then I will make a pt2! I do not know when it will be done because I am going to be very busy this week but I will let you all know when it is posted.
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
YAAAAYYY!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT! i loved watching mystery 6 although it gave me nightmares XS
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/12/08

SalmonMhaki wrote:

YAAAAYYY!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT! i loved watching mystery 6 although it gave me nightmares XS

Alright! I'll start the story right now! Please look forward to it (^_^)v
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