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Asian Celebrities that had plastic surgery
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Posted 11/20/11
nice surgery..
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Posted 12/3/11
For all I know , Korean celebs are best known for going through plastic surgeries anyway.
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Posted 12/14/11 , edited 12/14/11
Kim Hyun Joong admit plastic surgery on his nose but I actually suspect his eyes because the eyes are so weird.

-----minho and kim hyun joong

I like Lee Min Ho's handsome face but I find his nose is really unnatural because he's not mix Eurasian...then I saw his elementary(maybe) school pic. So does korean parents also sent their kid for surgery before high school?? Can see that he done nose job, double eyelid and maybe lips or dental....for jaw surgery, the recovery downtime is quite long.

So in BOF...Kim Bum still look the best
By the way....the "chocolate bar" or 6 pac can be created by liposuction...for (bodybuilder)woman who done this surgery, the 6pac will still be there when they are pregnant. Just go and touch their 6pac, if its soft then its fake.

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Posted 3/4/12

beauberly wrote:

Fonthip Watcharatrakul's Transformation! shocking right??
(Miss Thailand Universe 2010/ Miss Photogenic & Best in Natl. Costume)
nice surgery! I love her new face more than her old face!

I have no idea who she is, but in my opinion, she looked much better before surgery.
Posted 3/4/12
You should know.
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Posted 10/28/12

bluegill wrote:

XxTwilightKissxX wrote:

bluegill wrote:

@ XxTwilightKissxX
hye kyo eyes was different too
in the last picture her eyes was a little up

4th picture was her chin was more small

if u wanna know, boa already had a plastic surgery in her eyes in 6th
so, people dosn't know anything bout her small eyes

yes, her chin is so much smaller that i dont see a difference. her chin looks exactly the same in the second to last one and the last one. and the last pic is after the 4th pic. in case you havent noticed, in in the last pic, she's raising her eyebrows up hence the effect of higher eyes. and boa didnt get eye surgery. she got a nose job

her chin was surgered become more smaller
if i have more time i'll search more picture 'bout the difference in her nose

BoA has been reported to have had plastic surgery for her eyes at least three times, along with numerous operations in other parts of her body. Yet, she continues to be one of the biggest-selling acts both in her homeland and in other Asian countries like Japan and China. Personally, I can't imagine BoA looking short of how attractive she is now. Her doctors need to be congratulated.

Yamapi too eh? how about this pic of him

the top row were his chibi days as u can see:

there I give u many of his chibi days pics (elementary days and early teen) instead just one... still looks like he had gone under the knife?.... also it looks like u just take random pics from internet that says 'before&after', some of them looks like been edited

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