Jirya or itachi
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Posted 3/15/07
im confused

(Conversation pertaining to Naruto and Jiraiya, episode 83 in the anime, not sure what manga chapter)
Kisame: Perhaps you can fight him evenly... but I cannot. He's too strong.
Itachi: Yes. If we both fought him, we would both be killed... or in a good case, we might kill him, but we'd die along with him. Even if we had more men, that result would not change.
Kisame: His caretaker is a legendary Sannin. Konoha's Uchiha Clan and the Mist's Seven Shinobi-gatana seem petty before his name.
Itachi: Yes, but... all strong opponents have a weakness.

Even though Kisame says it, Itachi agrees with it

can some one clear this up for me is itachi really weaker than jirya

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Posted 3/15/07

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