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Best COUPLE in Vampire Knight
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22 / F / indonesia
Posted 7/7/09
perfect couple is KANAME and YUUKI
cute couple is SHIKI and RIMA
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29 / M / England
Posted 7/8/09
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 7/10/09
zero and yuuki. period. no erasures.
Posted 8/7/09
ka na me x yu uk i
Posted 8/8/09
yuuki and kaname!!!!!!.... .......
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24 / F / State of Delusion...
Posted 8/13/09

xbloodyvalentinex wrote:

SanaVenus wrote:

I'm torn between two~ (Anyone who has seen my posts in these topics KNOW what's coming)

Firstly the more likely to happen Couple; ShikiXIchijou. There are SO many hints for this that you'd have to be blind to Yaoi not to notice (or blind to anything cept main Yuuki pairings). At least one has appeared in the anime and 2nd Season will hold another Good Hint (Manga Readers may know what I mean)
This one is the Manga version of a Hint that has shown up in the Anime.

This one hasn't been seen in the Anime yet (We can expect it next season presumably) But happened in Manga.

Next is HanaKi which is the Tastey Alternative to ZeroXYuuki and KanaXYuuki. AidouXYuuki is hinted too a lot but the hints aren't really that clear nor are they well noticed due to them being hidden.

And that's it for my Poof and Pairings. ^^; Look out for Both in the future of the Manga and Anime ^^

ahh i thought i was the only one who noticed...Ichijou does seem to like Shiki he was really concerned about him when *spoilers* Rido took his body,if Rima was out of the pic they would have made a good couple

and about AidouXYuuki yeah i noticed that too ..i don't think they will get together but Aidou might start liking Yuuki or something ..haha that would be fun to see,since Yuuki is Kaname's gurl i don't think he will be teasing her anymore so i wonder how their relationship would be like ..

i also noticed al the litle hints and i have to say, i agree that with shiki it could go either way, rima or ichijou... i like all the pairings really, i cant wait to see how it all turns out!
Posted 8/14/09
Yuki Zero~!
Rima Shiki~!
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25 / F / United States
Posted 8/14/09
Kaname & Yuki

Posted 9/28/09
SHIKI and RIMA!!! FOREVER!!! kyuu~

Posted 9/28/09
its NEVAR Kaname and Yuki >__< gawsh i just love seeing Zero and Yuuki togetharr
Posted 9/29/09
It got to be, ONLY Zero with Yuuki! ♥
Shiki with Rima.
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21 / F
Posted 10/9/09 , edited 10/9/09
I think its Zero x Kaname!!! wow...I feel kinda left out...Yeah...I love Yaoi, and I love both zero and kaname, so...why should I have to choose between them? Why not have both? heh heh...greedy...

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24 / F / Sydney
Posted 10/9/09
Riki! (Shiki and Ruma) They are just so goddamn CUTE together.

Kaname seems like he can't be trusted.

Like a ninja ...

Lol, not really, I just wanted to use that emote. STILL, Kaname can be veeery creepy sometimes. And controlling.


He's so sweet. And hot. And he can shoot things (mostly vampires, which poses a bit of difficulty for Yuuki... love conquers all!! =P)
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21 / F / besides you
Posted 10/17/09 , edited 10/17/09
Yuuki and Kaname OMG
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24 / M
Posted 10/18/09
Kaname and Yuuki.
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