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Post Reply D.grayman-who do you think is the heart innocence????
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Posted 9/21/11
Mabye Allen?
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Posted 10/27/11

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Posted 12/27/11
i came up with a new theory while watching the show for a second time. I think the "heart" may be a two piece thing, and both have to be destroyed for all of the innocence to be destroyed. In which case, i would say that both Allen and Lenalee have one piece. or maybe thats just me trying trying to find a way so that im not wrong either way.
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Posted 5/4/12
Apocryphos (also known as Cardinal) Says in Chapter 213 page 7 "I understand Please Leave it to me. My lord. He who carries the "heart". Yes. I will defend you for certain." during the scene of when Allen is saved by the Noah and Link declared dead. That crosses Lenalee out of having the heart of innocence because Cardinal says he, and that also crosses out Kanda for he wasn't there at the present time and was without his innocence. It only leaves Allen. Since it is also certain that Lavi doesn't have it either because he is a bookman and is supposed to report to Bookman if enything weird is starting to happen.
So the Answer is Yes Allen has the heart of innocence.Even before chapter 213 there has been clues leading toward Allen having it.

Allen lost his arm but his innocence didn't die.
Allen was also saved by his innocence.
Allen's revived innocence can turn into the opposite colored sword of the Earl.
And also note that Allen's innocence seems to be in two pieces. The mask and the arm/sword.

Lenalee's innocence protected her with a crystal but you can also say because the innocence was ready to evolve into a crystal type innocence.
Kanda's innocence also became a crystal type innocence.

have read the manga..............
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Posted 12/22/12
Why're you people saying that it's Lenalee...?
It's A-L-L-E-N W-A-L-K-E-R!!!!

Read it at the manga...
I think it's Allen.....
'Coz Apocryphos said he is the innocence...and in which he is after him...
Doesn't that mean that he is the heart innocence?
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Posted 1/12/13
I think it's Timcanpy. Let face it's everyone else's golems just a communicator and Tim is so much more plus Tim loves Allen wait maybe time God? Allen is the one most loved my god is he not?
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