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who is going to see calvin/aaron perform live on aug 29?
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Posted 9/2/08

delianna wrote:

abcdefghijklucy wrote:

OMG i was just reading this on youtube and it said that ppl who went to aberdeen centre and stayed until there was less fans around got to shake arron and calvin's hand!!!!

apparently they are showing bits of t hem on tv.. like a few seconds? iuno.
haha ill see.. but i really wanna see ><!

i think they are showing the more important parts lol but i already watched some of it on youtube but i still wanna see it on tv oh btw they showed some interview and news about arron and calvin in vancouver on what's on and this other show...
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21 / F / a place where the...
Posted 10/2/08
went there! it was awesome!
Posted 6/24/09
sad..i miss it
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