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Post Reply * BREAKING DAWN SPOILER* Caution, this contains a spoiler, only read if you have read Breaking Dawn!!
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Posted 12/21/08

HisPrincess1513 wrote:

Luvii wrote:

If you were to become a vampire, what would you pick out of these 3, for a special power so you can be ' gifted '

1. The gift to protect youreself and others. [ Bellas gift ]
2. The gift to read others minds. [ Edwards gift ]
3. The gift to show others pictures by touching them [ Renesmee's ' Nessie ' gift ]
4. None of the above.

My answer : I would pick Renesmee's gift simply so I can show others what i mean.

Question 2 -

Favorite Charcter out of these following people

1. Bella
2. Edward
3. Renesmee
4. Alice
5. Jasper
6. Rosalie
7. Esme
8. Carlisle
9. Emmett
10. Jacob

[ what i mean by the lines... im seperating familys

My answer : Alice, shes the best! I love her sence for style! =]

in my order :


1. Alice
2. Bella
3. Edward
4. Renesmee
5. Rosalie
6. Jasper
7. Carlisle
8. Esme
9. Emmett
10. Jacob

I would want Edward's gift because i'd be able to know someone's intentions before letting them into my heart and trusting them.

My favorite character would probably be Edward just because he's everything i would ever want in a love.

BTW: Who's Renesmee?

My order:
1. Edward
2. Jacob
3. Bella
4. Alice
5. Carlisle
6. Esme
7. Jasper
8. Emmett
9. Renesmee (only cuz i dont know who she is O.o)
10.Rosaline (because she seem to be a vain person as in she loves herself to much)

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Posted 12/29/08
actually i want to have
powers like
who's the girl who can do the the illusion
then bella
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Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
edward is hott!!
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