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Fan Fic repeats anyone? do your like fan fics?
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Posted 6/23/09
I read and write fan fiction stories and i like to read them over and over because every time you do you visualize something different and if you don't oh well that's just your UN imagination not working. I get a different perspective every time i read or write.

I love Saiyuki samurai deeper kyo, death note, the gokusen, and a whole lot of others. Before you judge a person's story as being crap know from which you are looking for first take the time to tell the writer what the problem with the and give constructive critism and prober grammar alot of the writers whose stories i read tells you english isn't there first langauge so taking that into account help them out.

Some of your comments makes me wonder why do y'all have PHD"s notfrom school school of hard knox any way Player Hating Degree's!

Don't player hate! Hate the game! ( writing) Not the player.(writer)
Posted 7/1/09
i read fanfic! and if you go to my profile it'll say that its my current addiction! hehe! but i DON'T read them over and over and over and over and over and over and over again! hehe! i admit there are some fanfics that are soo gay but there are some really good one's too! ^_^
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Posted 7/2/09
Hi!, can anyone read a novel I made? It's only chapter 1 but I'm currently making the chapter 2 now. SO if you have time, would you mind reading it and giving some comments and suggestion,,.. Here's the link
Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/11/09
If a person is talanted and has an interesting vision - yes
Sadly the most of fanfics are Twilight-like and have one super-cheesy story where main characters suddenly fall in love with each other without any reason and also such fanfics have god awful 100-times-used phrases like "She watched him touching his amazing hair. God, he was like Dionis or Orpheus, so beautiful omg guy woah"

Oh and it looks like some fanfics were written by middle-aged perverted housewifes. My friend told me about one where Proff Snape and Sirious from Harry Potter were having sex with each other. Oh well.
Posted 8/24/09
I don't like fan fics anymore.
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Posted 11/13/09
No, will only read once, no matter how good it is.
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Posted 2/17/10 fund of reading fan fictions they make me smile every time i read their sweet moments!!!!lol
try to read it u would love it for sure>>>>>>>>>
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Posted 4/11/10
Not a just all fanfics I have read were shounen ai!..and it's kinda disgusting sorry.
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