[JActress] Shinohara Ryoko
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Posted 8/13/08
It's may be a little early for me to say this... but I absolutely LOVE this actress!
Shinohara Ryoko born in 1973 (35 years old as of today, August 13th).

.:. .:.

I have only watched four dramas starring this talent in the respective order:

Haken no Hinkaku Oomae Haruko is Japan's #1 and highest paid temp worker.
Personality: stiff & robotic , cold personality (her character is not comical, but it sure seems that way)
** She was a sweet and optimistic girl in the past, but her character did a 180 when she got laid off...

Unfair Yukihara Natsumi has 100% success rating in her investigation for Japan's murder division.
************************MY FAVORITE SHINOHARA ROLE THUS FAR*****************************************
Personality: cold & cool personality who doesn't hesitate to kill those who threatens to kill civilians.
This is what got her in trouble with in this drama
** She was a sweet and gentle girl in the past; her personality changed when her father (a cop) was killed & when she first killed a young man who threatened to kill his hostage.

Anego Noda Naoko is the company's beloved senpai.
Personality: warm & helpful personality; she tends to give and give , helping those who seeks her aid
(even if it's to her disadvantage)

Hanayome wa Yakudoshi! Taketomi Akiko is a celebrated announcer whose career frowns upon her age
Personality: charming & persistent personality; goes undercover to salvage her career

I'm actually looking forward to watching more of her dramas...
so far, she doesn't fail to deliver (almost the same way I feel about Yamapi's dramas )

What I love about her??? She's a chameleon in her roles (great versatility!)
She's beautiful and talented.

For her fans... share which Shinohara Ryoko drama personality you enjoyed and share your love for this great actress!
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Posted 8/14/08
I've only seen her as Oomae Haruko and as the lead actress in "Fake Bride." As Oomae, the super haken, she won me over and I plan to see her in as many shows as I can. Judging by those two roles and the mass of awards that she has snared, I'd say that she is the best in the the business. In a world where youth is eveything Shinohara Ryoko (along with Yukie Nakama, of course!) is still the best that there is!
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Posted 8/14/08
I liked her acting a lot in Anego. She's very talented and authentic. Not like most of the other "actors" and "actresses" who can't act but are given roles cuz they are popular and good looking.
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Posted 8/14/08
belated Happy Birthday Ryoko-san
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Posted 8/16/08
I only know her from the drama and movie of Unfair, but she is really an amazing actress
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Posted 8/3/09
~Outdated thread.
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Posted 8/3/09
Dead Thread.

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