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25 / F / In Hell and Happy...
Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/17/08
Name: Hikari Zenaku
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Outgoing and Funny but is Shy when pressured, Loves to read and is very Athletic. She is short tempered and is very Kind and gentle to children.

Haru: Short tempered and Athletic side of Hikari and is the most aggressive, but is usually funny and nice.
(A skull appears in her hair when she is Character changed with Haru)

Riku: Shy side of Hikari and is almost always blushing also the side that loves to read.
(A blue ribbon appears in her hair when she is Character changed with Riku)

Aia: Funny Side of Hikaru, Loves playing Pranks on her Sisters Riku, Haru and Ki.
(A Button appears in her hair when she is Character changed with Aia)

Ki: The Kind and Gentle side of Hikari.
(A grey rose appears in her hair when she is Character changed with Ki)

Trasformations/emblem items:
Charanari With Haru:

Charanari With Riku:

Charanari With Aia:

Charanari With Ki:

Charanari names:
With Haru - Fire's Barrage
With Riku - Silence's barrage
With Aia - Jester's barrage
With Ki - Sweet Barrage
Crush?: Well, Thats my little secret...
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23 / F
Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
Name: Rayne Sonori


Gender: female

Personality: hyper and funny. she loves to make people laugh. makes funny remarks and she likes help out her friends. she loves laughing to and smiling is something she cant live without

Lukky- is Rayne's punkie; darkish;emoish side (lol)

Trasformations/emblem items:

Charanari names: Skull's Heart

Crush?: lol thats her secert
Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/1/08
Name: karin_and_himeka (call me Rorika)
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Personality: silent, shy, and cool. Friendly girls. Always having fun with friends.
Appearance: dark brown hair, dark brown eyes like this:

Height: 163 or 165 maybe.
Kiro (brown one), Maura (pink one), and Naori (blue one):

Trasformations/emblem items:

Kiro: wear a brown clothes, funky and cool, good at dance
Maura: wear pink clothes, friendly, and girly. Good at fashion
Naori: blue hair, white clothes, cute, and shy. Good at lesson

Charanari names:
Kiro: Kiroi evolution

Maura: Cutie Efect

Naori: Sweety Smartie

Crush?: None
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21 / F / Confusion
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/7/08
Name:Kiako Mahijame
Personality:Fun, a little gulible, friendly

~ Kenji
Can make people's heart very dark
Very Mischevious

Can make people's heart very light
Very holy-like

Trasformations/emblem items:

Items: Black Sword
Abilities:Black Shadow
Special:Loyal Black

Items: Kill Claws
Abilities: White Death
Special: Loyal White

Charanari names:
Kenji:Warrior Cross
Koji: Assassin Cross
Crush?: Hoshiyo
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/5/08
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Posted 11/7/08 , edited 2/1/09
Urm someone already took the priestess thing so is it okay to still have mine? >_<
I had the chara ideas a year ago so yeah, I'll change it though if you want.

Age: 12

Gender: female

Personality: A very silent person. She does not talk much until needed. Kiyooka always has a blank expression. She can be a bit short-tempered at times but she trys to stay calm. She is actually a very kind person who talks very joyfully. She always works hard.

Kiyooka has short darkish-bluish hair and wears no accessories. Her eyes are a darkish golden color that have a silent like look. She is a bit taller then her average grade's height and has a slender body. She dresses up in the usual uniform. Also works at the Mikami shrine (is the grandaughter of the shrine's priest)as a shrine maiden and is usually seen with a broom stick. She has an utterly plain look that makes her fit into any crowd.

Charas: (Charas in appearance picture)

Kyoshi is the Shrine Maiden and Kiyooka's first chara. She is a lucky chara that is always joyful and outgoing. She will always help others and loves to sweep places.

Satu is the pilot with wings and is Kiyooka's second chara. She is pretty much straight-forward and is respectful. She loves to talk about flying in the air and going up really high up to the sky.

Seiko is the witch who is Kiyooka's third chara. She demands and forces things to turn out right and speaks the truth. Though she is harsh she can be very nice depending on the terms you have with her.

Trasformations/emblem items: Lucky Maiden: She has a shrine maiden's outfit with a big ribbon in her hair (red and white) Her weapon is a Gohei (a wooden wand) which she casts spells and shoots talisman with.

Winged Pilot: She has a pilot like outfit with feathered wings. Her weapon is a bow with a ribbon surrounding it.

Charming Enchanter: She is dressed up with witch like clothing with her hair tied up in two pig tails also her right side having a braid. Her weapon is a broom stick that lets her float on it and has a powerful whack.

Charanari names:

Lucky Maiden
Winged Pilot
Charming Enchanter

Crush?: none!
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22 / F / Well I'm...Hey wh...
Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/7/08
Name:Hanako Yamazaki
Gender: F
Charas: hinagiku



Trasformations/emblem items: Golden Can, Royal Rod, Baby Love Rattle

Charanari names:Holy Gardener,Crowned Royale and Elouise
Crush?:none yet
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21 / F / philippines,luzon...
Posted 11/7/08
name:lisha fugiwara
personality:very quiet sometimes..,and very sweet and nice personality,sometimes she's like a punk rockstar or something she is very fund of bunnies and has a thing fo making bunny costumes that fits hre well

yume-she is an artist chara that is able to animate her drawings and make them become real
shia-she ia a bunny-like chara that has the ability to stretch or extend her ears to someone she wnats to attack kinda like iyo in animal yokocho
transformation/emblem items:
transformation with yume

transformation with shia

charanari names:
with yume=sailor artist
with shia=cutie bunny
crush?:no one
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20 / F / at my house lazin...
Posted 11/8/08
Name: Sawatari, Ayu(last, first)
Gender: Female
Personality: Smart serious, fun, happy, caring. When she charanaris with Emiko, she becomes asinger. She is also a popular singer in secret. Also, when attending school, she puts on glasses and a wig. She comes from a rich family so she wants to know what it ffeels like to be normal. Ayu is pretty but that is unknown to everyone except Nagehiko who knew her in the past.
Appearance: Real Wig and Glasses-Fake
Charas: Ayako-the smart chara, Yuriko-the calm, musical chara, Emiko- the singing chara, Tomoko-the princess/evil chara
Trasformations/emblem items: Ayako- A+ Pencil and Honor Roll Scroll. Yuriko - Musical Key and Pianissimo(Fortissimo-can change) Tone, Emiko- Sparkling Voice and Microphone Scream, Tomoko- Royal Wand, Thunder Crash
Charanari names: Ayako- Amulet Splash, Yuriko- Amulet Vivid, Emiko- Amulet Breeze, Tomoko- Amulet Flash
Crush?: None
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/23/08
Name:Yuki(Yukiko) Souzuteki

Personality:stylish,awesome,creative,different,unique,shy at times,out theer and somewhat naive~ :blush:she is very caring and a dep thinker,somewhat boy crazy and loves the night sky~~
Appearance:tall with long flowing balck hair

she is a quite n intelligent chara side of yuki,and is good at singing and the piano,lolz.
a good n sweet shy girl who loves music and romkace,she is good at magic.

she is fun loving and stylish,she wnats to be an artist or a singer,and loves anime,lolz/.

is a cosplaying n anime freak who loves dance n arts^^

Trasformations/emblem items:
dark spade,

dark cross,

dazzeling dice

dark wings[/purple

Charanari names:
Crush?:X0~~~~~~~~NO TELLING~~~~~~~~~lolz

Posted 11/14/08
Name: Aya Eien

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: She is completely, and utterly, WEIRD. Shes hyper, bubbly, cheerful, positive, and anything under that category. She makes up the weirdest theorys, and has the ability to annoy ANYONE.

Though, no one knows why Higa hangs around her.

Appearance: Strikingly beautiful black long hair. She wears a colar with a bell on it. Its use is for so Higa can track her wherever she is.

Guardian Characters:
Kanami(Kana for short): A smart and organized chara. She always carries around a laptop, and wears glasses. She wears a long black dress.

Unknown: An unhatched egg. Its design is a tear.

Kanami: Unknown, never used in public.

Backround: Has been with Higa since childhood.

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23 / F / Hong Kong
Posted 11/15/08 , edited 11/15/08
Name: Yumiko Ichijou
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Personality: If you look at her, you'll think that she hates you or holds a grudge. But she is actually very kind and caring, she's just too shy to make friends.
Appearance: (What she looks like when she's just waken up)


Kazue: She is Yumiko's first chara. She is cheerful and bubbly and is also as kind and caring as Yumiko.
Trasformations/emblem items: Butterflies

Charanari names: Butterfly Chaos
Other info: Yumiko has another egg other than Kazue. It hasn't hatched yet.
Crush?: None yet, she's just transferred =)
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22 / F / somewhere
Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/18/08
Name:lulu shikimiya
class:star class high school
Personality:very clumsy and isnt good at dancing(shes a singer)shes an idol and she has hard time picking clothes
Appearance: (when has a wig on) (without a wig)
Charas: on left is shia a a beuty chara and on the rhight is mia a happy chara.
a fallen angel dancer her name is sakuno
Trasformations/emblem items: (with shia beuty chara) (with mia the happy chara)if u noticed when lulu transforms her hair turns blonde (with sakuno the fallen angel dancer chara)
Charanari names:shia,mia,sakuno
Crush?:me on echizen jin,shia koroua echizen chara,mia kimiyo echizens chara, sakuno daichi echizens chara
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25 / F
Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/26/08
Name:Tsumeki Tokishima
Gender: female
Personality: quiet, smart, hidden agenda a fairly famous and trimendously talented actress
Appearance; long blue hair, blue eyes, very short for her age looks to be about seven years old
Taki = A cat chara.
Tami = A death chara
Trasformations/emblem items:
Taki = pink cat ears and a pink cat tail with a bell on it
Tami =a scythe eyes turn black
Charanari names:
Taki = Pink tiger
Tami = Black Eclipse
Crush?: none yet
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25 / F
Posted 11/25/08 , edited 2/1/09
Name: Nikki Tsukirabi
Age: 12
Gender: female
Personality:sly, cunning, a modifiable genius, has a fast reading pace, is bored easly
Appearance: short, short blonde hair, red eyes

(her with Tsumeki)
Shion: A fairly phycotic evil chara
Mion: A eccentric nice chara
Trasformations/emblem items:
Shion: a taiser
Mion: a demon character appears on her back
Charanari names:
Shion: Unfound devil
Mion: Ancient Defiance
Crush?: none
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