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M / Right Here
Posted 8/13/08
huh? *eats it*

*pokes next poster with a fly swatter*
Posted 8/13/08
o_O *uses fly swatter to hit jadejnb*

*pokes next poster with a bottle of juice*
Posted 8/13/08
*drinks juice*


*pokes the next poster with my head*

Posted 8/13/08
*pats ur head*

*pokes next poster with my kfc chicken poppers*.... O_O yum
Posted 8/13/08
*eats the kfc chicken poppers*


*pokes the next poster with my skates*
Posted 8/13/08
o_O *whacks jadejnb with the skates*

*pokes next poster with a starbucks mochafrap*
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
*dumps starbucks mochafrap in bonsai tree* lol (kidding but I hate starbucks and coffee)

*pokes the next poster with my Nintendo DS*

Go Pikachu GO~
Posted 8/13/08
*burns nintendo ds*...*cries over the venti mochafrap*...

*pokes next poster with a gun*
Posted 8/13/08
*plays with the gun and gets shot*


*twitches and pokes next poster with my blood*
Posted 8/13/08
*makes a picture with the blood*.. =D

*cries over the spilled mochafrap*.....TT^TT nyuu..

*pokes next poster with the empty mochafrap container*
Posted 8/13/08
*refills the mochafrap container with mochafrap*

*adds a few extra more cups*

I love you anak~

*pokes the next poster with my love* O___O
Posted 8/13/08
<333333 all over the place o_O

*pokes next poster with a mariah carey CD?*

*drinks mochafrap in the corner*
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
*listens to cd*

*pokes the next poster with my key* (don't break in my house now) O_________O
Posted 8/13/08
*enters mom's house*... erm o_O..

*pokes next poster with a map*
Posted 8/13/08
*takes map and shows anak how to find way around house* =O

*pokes the next poster with the toilet* O____________O
Posted 8/13/08
*barfs on the toilet*

*pokes next poster with an I LOVE YOU card*
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