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Created by uuuhhh
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Post Reply Okita Sougo's girlfriend?
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Posted 10/6/12
It must be kagura,because they are so cute together.
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Posted 5/10/13
Man, Kagura hands down!!!1
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Posted 5/27/13
Definitely Kagura! I don't see what the complains are about, they are only 4 years apart..
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17 / M / Toronto
Posted 8/13/13
Imai Nobume and Sougo make the best couple in anime
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Posted 10/7/13
i am a huge huge huge Okita x Kagura fan

probably the rivalry thing mostly, but they do have some similarities

besides, in the manga, he planned her funeral, what says love more than that
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Posted 11/3/13 , edited 12/19/14
Don't see Kagura with Okita because their personality straight out clash, plus she's a kid.

Sacchan is the closest because of the S&M relationship, but otherwise I just don't see him with any of the main females.
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Posted 1/29/14
For me it was Kagura until after the Thorny arc. After that i am completely undecided on whether it should be Nobume or Kagura. Though I kind of lean towards Nobume because they just make one of the most amazing couples EVER.
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32 / F / Washington
Posted 12/19/14 , edited 12/19/14
I don't see the point of shipping characters based on historical figures; they're always doomed to repeat history. I mean if you're too liberal with their history, then what's the point of using them at all?

Okita never marries & dies of tuberculosis at the age of 25. Kondo marries a woman named Mastui, Otsune, they have a daughter, & he is executed after killing Sakamoto. Hijikata never marries & gets shot in battle. Gintoki never marries & goes home to his mother, living to the age of 55.

Well, that's depressing, so I'll just get back to the topic....

He's a sadist, so you have to narrow it down to the ones he's meanest to. Since almost every other incarnation of Okita Souji I've everf seen is suggested to be homosexual, I'd say Hijikata or Kondou, but I wouldn't exclude any women he enjoys provoking frequently. Kagura is ill-suited however, because a relationship between two dominant sadists just wouldn't work out, & Kagura seems like the type who would get into Femdom as an adult.

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