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[Kpop] Smash
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26 / F / with Nichkhun
Posted 9/19/08
their songs are okay...
but i didnt think they were that cute..
talented though
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33 / F / kuwait
Posted 9/19/08
well their are too many boybands in korea but not much in my country propoly only one band ( not good looking though i love their songs) but i heard smash single it really good and i love it , the mv is not bad at all , and i'm hanbang fan right now , he is really my type , hope they make it big
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24 / F / davao, philippines
Posted 11/29/08


>>>sorry bout this guys..i know some of you would hate it..,anyways..i've seen in soompi that 'XING' would debut before the year ends with i think 7 new faces and only jinhyun remained, with their new title track, Memorize...well another band and they're not appealing to me...all i can say is that SMASH is better than them..
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30 / F / Philippines
Posted 11/29/08
don't care about you guys..but for me i think they're good. & they're also cute.
plus: they sing well on can clearly hear it on TV if the artist is singing live or not..and yeah..they sing well.

So, I like them.
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33 / F
Posted 12/16/08
I Like their song Emergency.
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26 / F
Posted 1/14/09
love them soooo much...specially..hanbang (he's d best >__<) and jerry (he's d cutest ^__^)
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36 / F / Guadalajara, Jali...
Posted 2/1/10
I like very much this group!!! (especially Bisang song... )
I like them all but my fav. is SeGe... my Sege oppa!!!! (my only oppa in kpop T__T ... the rest are dongsaeng for me...)

Does anyone know what is going on with them?

Where are they? What is happening?
What are they doing?

I miss them.

Will they have a come back this 2010????
I hope they do!!!!!

Please someone tell me!

I have to confess that I'm feeling a bit guilty these days with all the attention and interest I'm giving to ZEA (Children of Empire)...
But I can like both groups very much, right? -__- =( Y____Y
I mean, I like several groups and everything, but.... well I don't know...

(sorry for my bad english, is not my language)
Posted 5/12/11

manlytoe wrote:

yeah. i heard. saw it and read it on soompi.
i'm not surprised. the only thing that surprised me was that it was from TN entertainment (tony an's entertainment, a former H.O.T. member).
but, who knows what will happen.
A'ST1 and BATTLE aren't all that huge, i dunno about SMASH.

OMFG! this guy looks like taeyeon from SNSD. did she cut her hair and side with tony an? (haha! jk jk jk)

their song isn't bad, they are pretty good looking.
i gotta say for tony's first this isn't bad at all.

i actually find them quite attractive when they're playing the rain.. darm~ they just look extra hot in the rain. lmao.

love the picture with the instruments though.

waaaaaa.....he effing looks like my nephew!!! >.<
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F / Chicago, IL
Posted 1/4/12
omg they totally disappeared. i wonder if they're ever going to make a comeback.
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34 / F / UAE
Posted 2/27/12
Tony Ahn & SM☆SH reveal "Get Your Swag On" jacket picture

Set to make his comeback with boy group SMASH later this week, more news about Tony Ahn's upcoming project was revealed, as the cover picture for their release was spread through the media.

The new release doesn't only mean the comeback of H.O.T member Tony Ahn, but also the long-awaited comeback of Tony Ahn's own boy group SMASH. After having been away from Korea since their debut in 2008, and promoting in Japan since the end of 2010, SMASH is set to finally get on stage in their home country again.

For this long-awaited comeback, four out of five members of the boy group have chosen to change their stagenames to their real names. Instead of World, Naru, Jerry, and Hanbang; the members are now named Hyunjun, Youngsuk, Minkyu, and Jeongsoo aka One Shot respectively. Maknae Hero stuck to his stagename.

A music video teaser for their comeback track "Get Your Swag On", was already revealed last week. Tony Ahn and SMASH will take the stage together on Mnet M! Countdown on March 1st for their first performance.
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