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I hate the "RUN AWAY" button!!!! >=O
Posted 8/18/08

aquastar421 wrote:

i agree!!!!!!!!! i accidently pressed that and lost 60,000 gold! >-< i think if someone clicks it there should be something that pops up and goes like are you sure you want to run away

i agreee - thats what i can imagine that would happen
it would be better instead of repositioning it or removing it.
although it doesnt happen to me about slipping + clicking it
i think it would be better for everyone - its safer fighting xx
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Posted 8/18/08
grrrr haha that has happened to me before too
i was so close to 3 million gold
accidentally pressed it
lost 1 million gold
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23 / M / ..my room, which...
Posted 8/18/08
err...u should just watch ur move girl...
Posted 8/18/08
aww,that happened to me too,i accidentally clicked it..
good thing my money is only 100k+..
i only lost 16k..^^
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21 / M / singapore
Posted 11/12/08
dying is better than running away.dying just lose gold.running away loses XP and more gold >:(
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