luna maria vs lacus (CAT FIGHT)
Posted 8/15/08
so who do u think will win if these 2 went at it in a cat fight
Posted 8/15/08
i'm gonna go with luna coz i think she is the hotest oh yeah
Posted 8/15/08
Luna for sure!!! Lacus is...............nothing compare to Luna's fysical strenght!!! LOL
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Posted 8/15/08
errrr...i thing it will be lacus.....cause she is very good at talkingx3.....luna will close her ear...n lacus punch her......hehe...
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/15/08
looks like the rounds r level and yeah lacus can talk her way out of tough situations with that sexy voice man she has a voice of a goddess she can talk me into throwing down my arms anytime
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