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okay so I found this topic in a Yuuram/Wolfyuu shrine and I loved it ^^
I present to you reasons why this pairing should exist OwO


In general, we're all free to support whichever pairing that appeals to us most and we never really need a reason to why we like a certain pairing. There is usually a reason -- it appeals to us most -- but nothing else beyond that point is really "needed".

Of course, fans are always trying to come up with more reasons as to "why this pairing?" So here's the section for you bored people who want more reasons and those who enjoy reading someone else's rant on reasons for why Yuuram that you may or may not already have.

The love for this pairing could've started since episode one. Yuuri was obviously astounded by Wolfram's beautiful appearance at the end of the episode when he first met Wolfram. "Ooo-wahhh!...Bishounen" was the first thing on Yuuri's mind when Wolfram appeared. This gives a bit of a "fate" and "save the best for last" feeling. By ending the episode like this, it gives us the feeling that Wolfram is going to be very important in Yuuri's life in the future. (The creators chose to end the episode with Wolfram's pretty image and appearance, it must mean something).

The slap scene during episode two probably boosted the "OMG SHOUNEN-AI!" meter in us Yuuram fans. Ever since then, Wolfram has been loyal to Yuuri and follows him everywhere to protect him during his travels. Slowly throughout the series, you can see Wolfram's love for Yuuri grow deeper. Near the end of the first season, Wolfram's love for Yuuri melts all of our hearts.

If you love the whole idea of "fate", then the next part is for you.

I get a great big "fate" feeling from the whole Yuuram relationship. The Shinou (original King) watches over the world and decides who gets to be the Maou and everything else. He can predict things and foresee into the future. I don't think he can control everything completely and how things end up, but throughout the series, we know he can partially predict the future. Example: When Cecilie von Spitzberg wanted to marry Conrad's father, the Shinou allowed her to do so because Conrad will have a very important role in the future. The Shinou chose Cecilie to be the Maou for a reason, and I think that reason is to give birth to three children. Cecilie doesn't know how to rule a country, nor does she really care. Instead, Cecilie gave birth to three sons who each are helping Yuuri in pursuing his ideal world. Conrad is there to be Yuuri's guardian and play a father role in delivering his soul, Gwendal is there to be Yuuri's advisor and help him with his Maou role because the young King is still very inexperienced, then Wolfram must be there for the other part of one's life that is very important—love.

It feels like the Shinou has been planning everything just for Yuuri. Nobody knows why Yuuri was delivered to Earth instead of being born in Shin Makoku. I assume it's probably because the Shinou wanted Yuuri to not be influenced by Shin Makoku's ways and ideals. The Shinou wanted Yuuri to be exposed to how Earth functioned and the experience Earth had in wars and discrimination. He wanted Yuuri to grow up without the "Humans are terrible creatures" influence like Wolfram had, in order to bring peace to the world.

If this is what the Shinou desires, then we can look at the three son's of Cecilie. Gwendal is brought up to learn how to fight and is very suited for the position of the Maou, that is his role in Yuuri's life—to assist him. Like mentioned above, Conrad is his guardian and that leaves Wolfram to be his lover. I conclude to the fact that Wolfram will be Yuuri's love life because that is the last role available and that is what Wolfram is. There's also the coincidence that Wolfram really looks like the Shinou. (Not that the Shinou planned that, I don't think he has control over that.) But, the coincidence that Wolfram looks like the Shinou and that the Shinou's master plan, if works out properly, is Yuuri, then Wolfram would be the best candidate for Yuuri's lover since it adds a bonus to why the Shinou would let any guy marry his best "project". Wolfram could also be there so Yuuri doesn't stray into some other love life and interrupt his duties, but I highly doubt Yuuri would in the first place.

There's also the rule of 'slapping someone across the left cheek’ which means "will you marry me?"' We don't know who established this rule, but if it was the Shinou, then he could've foreseen that Yuuri might give the temperamental Wolfram a nice slap across his left cheek. Whether they pursue in this relationship is still up to their own choice but I get this feeling that this is all kind of "fate-ish".

Of course, this can all just be a big coincidence, but there are many more reasons to why we love Yuuram.

Yuuri’s and Wolfram's relationship is by far the relationship with the most development in the whole series. They started out disliking each other to the point that they're smiling gently to each other all the time. (They're flirting a lot in the second season as well.) Throughout each episode, you can see them get closer and closer to each other. Example: Their relationship went from Wolfram calling Yuuri a wimp while Yuuri flashing glares back at Wolfram with his usual "don't call me a wimp!" response to Wolfram calling Yuuri a wimp and Yuuri defending with his usual "don't call me a wimp!" and then giving Wolfram a gentle smile right after. Great development in a relationship in a story is a great bonus to why we support Yuuram.

Besides the development in their lasting bond, Wolfram and Yuuri's ages match up well compared to the other characters in the story. Wolfram may be 82, but he certainly acts more 15 or 16 than 82. Unless you want to match Yuuri up with a human, no other Mazoku can match up with Yuuri's age. Any Mazoku who is exactly Yuuri's age looks five times younger. Since Mazokus grow very slowly, Yuuri would be a major pedophile if he were with a 15 year old Mazoku, who would be very underdeveloped. In other words, you can say that Wolfram's 82 is approximately equivalent to Yuuri's 15.

During Yuuri's adventures, Yuuri is constantly saying things like "Let's go, Wolfram!" and "Look, Wolfram! Fish!" Yuuri may seem to treat everyone the same but there is a difference to how he treats each character in the story. Yuuri acts really close to Wolfram all the time and their bond grows as the story progresses. His personality towards Wolfram is also quite different; Yuuri is nice everyone but he likes to tease Wolfram. Example: When Gunter and Wolfram were under a spell and acting like children, Yuuri says it's okay to Gunter when he apologizes and then jokes to Wolfram about how Wolfram wasn't any different compared to his usual self. (He even had the silly grin on when he said that.) One may argue that Yuuri is more open and comfortable with Conrad than he is with Wolfram, but I think his development in being comfortable around Wolfram is more meaningful. Conrad is the first friend he met in Shin Makoku, he's also the one who named him and the one who can relate with him, so most certainly Yuuri would trust him a lot and feel comfortable around him.

The Yuuram pairing is also greatly supported by the characters in the story, which heightens Yuuram fan's "OMG, Yuuram rules!" meters. Cecilie supports Yuuram, despite her constant flirtation towards Yuuri. It's obvious that Cecilie wants her son Wolfram to be happy and marry the Maou. Wolfram's elder brothers also support Yuuram. Gwendal shows his support by making matching bear hats for the both of them, and Conrad shows his support through the conversations he has with Yuuri and Wolfram. Conrad addresses Yuuri as "your fiancé" to Wolfram during one of the mateki search episodes. Even Murata supports Yuuram. "Have a little more faith in your fiancé." (In the episode where Wolfram is out in a battle on human lands and Yuuri was worried.) "It's nice to see people having this great of a relationship." (Something like that. This was during Wolfram's and Yuuri's bath together.)

Yuuram is a really cute pairing as well. Wolfram believes everything Yuuri says, even if he's constantly calling Yuuri a lying cheater. When Yuuri told Wolfram that the Lamaze breathing method for child birth was the way how people breathe when they paddle in a boat (Yuuri believed this himself), Wolfram believed this and passed the information onto the soldiers. "That's right, that's how you breathe when you roll a boat". (heeve-heeve-hoo XD)

There are many other reasons why Yuuram is a cute pairing. I don't want to repeat things that I'm going to mention in the Information section of the site. So for more "Yuuramlicious" rants, please check the other rants and the Information section. (Particularly the Yuuram interactions page.)

All in all, Yuuram is an awesome pairing and I'm sure there are many other reasons to why we support Yuuram. You may not agree with my hypotheses and points, but that's okay. We all view things differently and have different reasons.

so Tell me your thoughts about it and share your opinions ^^
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