wii challenged?
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Posted 8/15/08
i know i must seem like a noob but i cant master the wii
i guess u can say i'm "wii challenged"
does any1 have advice bout the wii
that can help me?

i m having problems mostly with the remote and control it
to play games
but there are a few games i can play like the sports
but other than that
i m a noob @ the wii


please and thank you
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Posted 8/15/08
You can ask this at the help thread but ok I'll try and help you. Like what exactly is youre problem with the control, and what games are you trying to play? one tip is don't swing it around to much or too hard it's better to just swing it a little like waving, or if youre hand was shaking
Posted 7/15/09
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