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26 / M / The shadows of hell
Posted 8/16/08 , edited 8/16/08
Since this group is basically dead, and it really doesnt look like we'll be getting our last karas, i'm just gonna start without them.

Here are some simple rules:

--no quoting
--please keep cursing to a minimum
--write in third person so others easily understand what is going on
--be kind and courteous to other members

ex. of god modding-- BOB is surrounded by 100000000000 mikura, BOB transforms his weapon into a compact nuke, BOB makes a slashing motion releasing the nuclear power from his sword, all the mikura are now dead

you will be given 2 warnings, and if behavior continues after the 2nd warning you will be banned

thank you and have a nice day XD

P.S. If you are a karas and dont have someone playing as your yurine, you take control of them until someone fills the positon.

This is also true vice versa, if you are a yurine without a karas, you may take control of the karas until the position is filled
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26 / M / The shadows of hell
Posted 8/16/08
Kaiden has been taking care of sick youkai for several hours, and has been anxious to get back to the human world to get rid of some mikura

" Kaiden," Kaiden's yurine walks in from the porch." There is a large scale attack by several Mikura somewhere in the United States. I feel your presence may very well be needed."

" Thank God," Kaiden says standing up," Sorry buddy, ill finishing helping you when i get back."

Kaiden and his yurine disappear, and reappear on top of the empire state building, over looking all of new york.

" So where's the attack," Kaiden asked, turning to his yurine

" Not sure, but i sense we're close," his yurine replies, scanning the city.
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27 / M / Just a kamen ride...
Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
Jubei stood atop a a tall building looking over the snowy Moscow, his scarf blowing in front of him from the wind. Flakes fall around him as he watches over the city, listening.

Yurine points towards his left "There" she says emotionless.

Jubei opens his eyes and steps onto the ledge of the building and leans forward plummeting holding his arms out to the sides. He pulls an artifact out of his pocket, it has an eye with two stone wings spread out around it. He throws like a diskus towards the ground as it falls and matches his speed about 20 feet in front of him.

Yurine looks towards the area where she sensed the mikura "1...2...3....4....5...6...7...8...9....and it is 10...sway to and fro sway.... Go...KARAS

A large yellow circle with many symbols comes from the artifact. The artifact stops a couple feet from the ground and jubei falls into the yellow circle unmoving, then hits the ground on the other side creating making a large column of smoke.

A red and black car with what seems like a scarf hanging off it comes flying out of the smoke tower and lands screeching to a stop.

Yurine runs towards the ledge opposite where jubei jumped off of and leaps plummeting towards the ground and angling herself so she goes down the road while she falls.

The car screeches in a circle and heads down the street, it passes underneath yurine and catches her unharmed and speeds off towards the mikura. Just before reaching the mikura, Yurine jumps up and lands on a telephone pole. The time around in the area freezes as the car hits a bump and goes about 5 feet in the air and another yellow circle appears as Karas flies through it and continues at the mikura turning on an angle, blades extend slightly on the back of his forearm and he seems to stop moving forward and slash down the mikura's body with the blades.

The mikura steps back holding its chest as electric green glowing blood seeps from the wound. "AHH damnit, KARAS ILL GET YOU FOR THIS!!!"

Yurine holds up two fingers in a prayer position then points them forward "Do it now...KARAS"

The chain around Jubei's sword dissipates, and he holds his sheathed sword slightly away from his hip. "Right" he says as he draws his impressive katana, he seccurs the sheath onto his back and stands in a fighting stance staring down the mikura.
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