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OMG?! Naruto got Hinata pregnant?!?!?
Posted 8/17/08
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25 / F / In my own little...
Posted 8/17/08
Funny xD
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25 / M / ~under the sea,un...
Posted 8/17/08
loll maddd funny
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M / why am I telling...
Posted 8/17/08
lol that was funny.
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Posted 8/17/08
Hinata is very horny
Posted 8/17/08
ROFLMAO~! that was totally hilarious~!!!!!
Posted 8/17/08
he he he he he
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Posted 8/18/08
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29 / M / in your ♥
Posted 8/18/08
super awesome
nice nice
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24 / F / On the mooooooooo...
Posted 8/18/08
That one was funny<3
I like HinaXNaruto<3
Can u make another one, pliiz?
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118 / M / as far away from...
Posted 8/18/08

tinyd0t wrote:

In the middle of family discussion..

What?! You PREGNANT, Hinata-sama?!


Spill it, who did this?!

It's only 1 month old.. How can you tell?!

Nothing can escape from my eyes

You need a midwife? Call me.

Even though I'm a jounin, but I'm also qualified for abortion

. . .

We don't need your help

I'm in need for test tube babies

Orochimaru-sama, you're so cruel

*Evil laughs* this is what this baby is going to look like..

I can't stand this anymore, let me end this quick

Do you think you can handle it on your own, Kakashi?

Hey you all, this is an Chuunin exam!!

Please leave this for now, examiner

*Suprised by Kakashi's chakra* Ok carry on then

Everyone, step aside


*Would there be any blood? Omg I'll need to run for now!!*

*Scream* Neji hits Hinata's belly!!

*My child!!!!!!!!!!!*

Such as waste..

Is it dead?


The baby's dead..

Who's child is this?!

*Evil laughs* Finally dead

*Insane mode* What?!?! You asshole!!!!!

I am so going to kill you!!!!!!!!

*Kybuu power explode!!!!*

Not too much of my business, I'll just watch and munch -3-

I don't care anymore neither, I need to catch up with my Itcha Itcha Tactic

Kakashi, you don't care about your students anymore?

I don't want to see Konoha shinobis killing each other!! Go stop it, Lee!!

Roger, Gai-sensei! No matter how hard it takes I will do my best to stop him!!

Can Lee wins?

Bring it on, Naruto!

A few mintues passed away..

*Naruto's got some amazing chakra..*

I think I have no choice, Gai-sensei!

Yosh! Go for it, my kawaii student!


Fifth gate, KAI!!!!!!!!

The fight is getting really heated up!!!!! The atmasphere is so tence! Everyone's watching with the popcorn!!


*Third Eye, kai!*

*Snack eye*


*Four eyes* =0=''

The fight has finished finally!!

Naruto's lost..

Jiraiya just caught up with the whole situation!

This looks serious..

This Bijuu's caught my eye

*Kakashi will take a step before Orochimaru makes his move*

If you do anything to harm Naruto I'll cut your penis!!


Stop it Kakashi, he hasn't got one anyway

*Frowns* *How does he know?!*

*Calm down, calm down..* Hey guys please stop accusing Orochimaru-sama or you'll receive our lawyer's letter soon

Yeah good job Kabuto! You'll get my lawyer's letter soon because you just accused me for being transexual!!

*OMG, what did I just say?!*

Naruto finally woke up

What did I missed?! Tell me!!! What did I missed?!

Forget it, Naruto.. Now, Hinata.. Tell us about the child's father..


*Look away* The child's father is.. NARUTO..

*Sigh* I knew it.. This is pain in the ass!



Haha Naruto, I told you you should ALWAYS use protection!

*But you never do it yourself..*


Jiraiya, underage sex is illegal in this village..

Shall we chop his penis off too?

Naruto what I always said to you? Never do ecchi stuff with girls

*Crys* But I'm still underage! How would I ever do anything like this?!

*Ding Ding* Ah!! I know now! It must be my shadow clone!!

Can you really get pregnant with a shadow clone?

*Blush* I.. I hid one of his clone in my closet..

- END -

Hope you guys like the story! I translated from and the original artist was Uaremyfd, I also made some changes to the plot to 'round' it abit! Haha, spend a long time in it too! So tired now! Nite!

lol. this is funny!

I think i love you =)
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30 / M / Philippines
Posted 8/19/08
hey that was very nice , I Love it!! haha
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27 / F / US
Posted 8/19/08
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28 / M
Posted 8/19/08
this was the funnyest of all shyts lol man that was great had me
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26 / M / CANADA
Posted 8/19/08
nice it was funny
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