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Posted 8/18/08 , edited 8/18/08
The Cause Of Kim Ki Bum Leaving Super Junior Rumor! :(

Some ELF are shaking in their boots with the thought of Super Junior being only 12 members. There's been some rumors spreading across the Korean Blogosphere that KiBum will be leaving the group shortly before the release of the third album.

As many people know, KiBum debuted as an actor and his first priorities was and always will be acting. With this in mind some fans looked at KiBum's upcoming schedule and noticed that his filming schedule is in direct conflict with many of Super Junior's activities and engagements. KiBum also didn't have one line to sing in Most of Super Junior's entire 2nd album. So people started spreading some rumors that KiBum is going to leave Super Junior without any credible source to back up that theory. Even without a credible source, some Super Junior fans were getting worried about the prospect of KiBum leaving.

Super Junior Kibum Denies The rumor About Leaving Super Junior

There's a rumor that Super Junior Kibum will leave his band "Super Junior" before their 3rd Album, in order to do his own acting career. The reason that made fans believe this rumor was because of his drama shooting schedule always collapse with the bands activity schedule. Also on the 2nd Album, he has the least lines if compared with the other 12 members.

After the spreading of this rumor, Kibum himself now feels awkward. He speaks out to clear this misunderstanding that he'd never think about leaving his friends and his band. The acting career is a chance that he must catch up but he will also try to cover both his singing career and acting one.


Is Kim Ki Bum really quitting the group?

Who would expect that a rubbish rumor spreads so fast as a dangerous fire and burned the hearts of ELFs in China, Korea, Philippines and Thailand that the other worried members of the Global Fan Club made their own conclusions and versions of the rumor "Kim Ki Bum of Super Junior Bids His Fans Goodbye".

Seems never-ending weep from the fans bugged the quiet member of Super Junior for an ambush interview and forced him to react on the spreading rumor...

"Who ever thinks I am going to quit Super Junior, is who has never trusted me and never given me a chance." ~ Kim Ki Bum

No matter how many rumors and outrageous feedbacks from the antis, as long as the trust is in the hearts of the boys towards each other, no one is going to quit!
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