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31 / F / Michigan
Posted 8/30/06
1. Erin
2. 20 - Female - Michigan
3. My socks never match

Anime My grandma used to watch Sailor Moon with me when I got out of school when I was younger, so I guess that was just the beginning.

Video Games Who doesn't play video games when they're younger... honestly

Music Videos I like to make music videos
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35 / M / Seattle
Posted 8/30/06
3.---I have a pitbull that i don't fight
4.---Used to watch DBZ when i was younger but didn't start to get into anime until i got brodadband about 3 years ago, Naruto and Bleach were the first series I saw and i've been hooked ever since.
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37 / M / Arizona
Posted 8/30/06
1. Nathan
2. 25 / M / Arizona
3. O.o!?!
4. I fell in love w/ anime when I was 5 and watched the original robotech (which I love and still watch to this day )
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27 / M / East London, Sout...
Posted 8/30/06
1. Owen
2. 15/M/East London, South Africa O.o
3. I'm about 6'2", I have stringbeans all around my room O.o
4. I also got into DBZ when I was a kiddie. Had a strange opinion of anime then, still do. Though now I enjoy it a helluvalot more... DBZ was crap! (no offense intended) :ph34r:
Thanks for a really awesome site, by the way ^_^
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39 / F / Texas
Posted 8/30/06
1. April
2. 28/F/Houston
3. Gave birth to a panda.
4. FinalFantasyXI 75NIN/75PLD/75THF/18BLM
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27 / F / Olympia, WA
Posted 8/30/06

Crossy wrote:

PunkPrincess15 wrote:

1. Ariel
2. 15/female/Olympia, Washington
3. 5 foot 3
4. I'm writing a series of books, since I wanna become a author soon.
5. I'm autistic. I hate autism.
6. I love all kinds of rock music.
7. I love hanging out with friends, watching videos, listening to my favorite music, going to the movies, and shopping
8. I love Sailor Moon and Elfen Lied, and my little sister told me that Full Metal Alchemist was really good, so I'm starting to get into that.
9. I'm a "wannabe" punk/goth
10. My mother died of cancer when i was twelve.
11. I'm allergic to peanuts.

1. Sorry about your mother. *hugs*
2. FMA rocks, watch it. ^_^
3. What kind of bands do you like?
4. Why not post some of your writing?
5. Explain 9 in more detail please ^_^
6. My nickname is peanut ironically, I guess you're alergic to me.

Just because I'm allergic to peanuts, doesn't mean I'm allergic to people, because I'm not.
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F / Ft.Worth,Texas,USA
Posted 8/30/06

mikejones wrote:

1. April
2. 28/F/houston
3. I gave birth to a Panda.

cool your from Houston!
Wow, and i'd like to hear more about you giving birth to a Panda.
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27 / F / ..mostly in my head
Posted 8/30/06
1. LaTischa (...My parents are freaks. They used to go to a botanical garden a lot, so I'm named after some freaky shrub.)
3. I'm a writer, an actress, a burnout, an overachiever, a loner, a social butterfly.. Ermm.. Maybe a self-diagnosed bipolar.. >.<
4. I'm an avid Final Fantasy junkie. And while Elfin Lied is surely my favorite anime, (*sadistic laughter*), InuYasha is what got me started--and I still love it. ''^^

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32 / M / Queens, Ny
Posted 8/30/06
1. Jib/Jibrial
2. 21/M/NYC
3. I'm not weird, nope, not weird at all....
4. It was most likely galaxy express, akira and Lock the superpower that first got me into anime.
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27 / F / Port Costa, CA USA
Posted 8/31/06
1. Mosus
2. 16 / female cat / Berkeley, California
3. I was born on Good Friday the 13th.
4. My owner has been into anime loooonnnggg before I was born. My owner got into Speed Racer at a very early age and has loved anime ever sense.
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28 / M / Texas - Houston
Posted 8/31/06
Well, I signed up and started posting in other topics, kinda skipped this thread, so what the hell.

16 / Male / Houston Texas
I do flips off walls...
I think DBZ started my interest in anime.

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30 / Desert
Posted 8/31/06
1. Elf ( it started out as a nickname, and now I am no longer known as anything else.)
2. 19/female/desert
3. I believe in the power of balance.
4. My younger brothers had been watching Naruto, and each time I past them by, I got more and more drawn into the story. In the end I became hooked. It was a real surprise to me, an avid amine hater. I’m so ashamed of my past. Heh.
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29 / M / Kansas
Posted 8/31/06
1. Jon
2. 18/male/Kansas
3. I love new Bleach anime and manga, hince my avatar, and big fan of the old Gundam Wing
4. Umm can't remember seams like I've like games and anime since I can remember, though with my bad memory I can only remember back to like middle school.
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27 / F / Sweden
Posted 8/31/06
1. Amanda
2. 15/F/Sweden
3. Im one of the best swimmers in Sweden ;)
4. anime...i got into anime because my brother always looked at naruto and i was like what the heck is this and i looked it and now im obsessed with anime >:O
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30 / F / Cali
Posted 8/31/06
1. Sara, but online I go by Sagi
2. 19/F/Cali
3. I'm a professional artist (in other words I'm paid to do it) I face paint and draw carictures
4. Um my anime experiance goes all the way back to sailor moon/speed racer/ and sonic... I can never remember which one of the 3 I found 1st. But sailor moon was the 1st anime I watched that I conciously knew it was an anime. Loved anime ever since sailor moon, which is funny cause I'm not partial to it anymore, but everyone knows Usagi and Momoru are the best and original anime couple ^-^
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