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Post Reply Introductions
Posted 7/24/12
1. Ereka
2. 18/F/paradise
3. eumm I like animes and mangas. I could sometimes say something weird or not understood, but I like to make new friends.
4. Well before I watch animes and read a little bit mangas, then my friends recommended me to read more mangas so I felt for it lol
Posted 7/24/12
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F / United States
Posted 7/25/12
1. Ayu (I don't like my real name.)
2. 14/f/United States
3. There is literally nothing interesting about me seriously I'm sorry
4. I was looking up anime picture slideshows for the song "Monster" by Meg & Dia and came across an Elfen Lied AMV (usually the videos would just have anime pictures so I had no clue how to watch them xD) and fell in love with it. This all happened in 2010 and I pretty much only watched Elfen Lied until I got into more anime in around November 2010. c:
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Posted 7/25/12
Hello new people!
I've been here for 3 years already, although I temporarily left CR in late 2009/ early 2010 to work on my academics/deal with middle school issues.
But I've been back for quite a while now though, since last summer or so.
Forum Games is my favorite section.
At 12AM I'll be 16 officially.
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28 / F / Florida
Posted 7/25/12
- Sarah/22/From California but living in Florida
-Bookworm! Can't get away from 19th century literature it's my favee<3
-Animal lover!!
-Creative and artistic
-I also love fashion, flowers, pretty things, cooking(and eating lmao), forests, nature in general, cute things, old movies (bette davis is my guuurrrl), music(mainly indie folk or along those lines)
-Just getting into anime...I've watched it on and off since I was a kid but never really stuck a series out from beginning to end haha
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34 / F / Maryland
Posted 7/26/12 , edited 7/26/12
Hi My name is NiQue and im an anime addict


Just started reading a bit of manga and i love it

Last anime series i finished was Soul Eater on Netflix it was pretty cool so i was happy to read that the manga is still going

I randomly watch my mysterious girlfriend X and i scroll down to read the funny comments of drool and lemons

I use to be into making layouts i have a few Anime ones in fact my 1st one was a inuyasha one... i made the FullMetal Achemist one on my profile check it out and add me if want

I'll be at Otakon this year its my 1st year cant wait to see what it's like

anything else check out my profile i guess
Posted 7/26/12
oh my gosh I love introductions!

my name sakura, but my friends call me kuu-chan. i've liked anime since i was a child, i grew up in england and i love to visit diferent places. i have a boyfreind and i loooooooooooove him, hes such a cutie, and i raelly liek his nazist jokes heheheeheheeh.

i'm a verry freindly person ad i rly lik to make freinds. niec to meet you peez
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29 / M / Portland, Oregon
Posted 7/26/12
Hello, everybody.

My name's David.

I'm 23, male, and am from the general vicinity of Portland, Oregon.

I'm an amateur musician, and I have an unrepressed and unapologetic love of weaponry. If you ever catch me without a song in my head or a knife on my hip... well, you probably never will.

I watch anime because... I love it? And I find the Japanese language pleasing to listen to. In music as well as speech.

And my profile is empty, I know. I'm working on it.
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26 / M
Posted 7/27/12
I can't believe I hadn't ever heard of this site until now...
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25 / M / Anaheim, California
Posted 7/28/12
1) Francisco
3)something interesting? hmm... I'm not sure ... I think I make others laugh :w00t:
4) Dargon ball Z was the first one that I watch but what made me watch anime and know more about anime. It will be Naruto and Bleach... when the shows stop airing new shows I started looking for it in the internet ever since then I watch anime and JDrama.
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32 / M / Canada
Posted 7/28/12
Hey folks.

1) Joel

2) 26, a dude.

3) I'm married with baby, and a stay at home dad. I mean, I do work - my ass off. But I do it at night. I watched a lot of anime when I was younger but I stopped, but after finding out about this service I thought I'd give it a shot. I haven't had cable ever, so I like services like this instead.

4) The first anime I watched was Robotech, but the first one that got me into the medium was Akira. I saw that when I was eight or nine, and it blew me away.

Other than that, I read and write. I do a bit of "GERME JERNALIZM" over at Destructoid; blogs, and weekly recaps for the Dtoid community. I am a staff writer for Sega-16, I also do short story submissions occasionally (usually for the same magazine since I'm lazy) and am working on a novel with a friend of mine. Any other time I have I have been spending on EVE Online because space life is better than real life...the rest of the time I take care of my daughter, go to work, and clean my apartment. But every other second of the day, I read, especially at work where talking to people is like my own personal brand of Kryptonite.
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22 / M / North Carolina
Posted 7/28/12
1. Mike
2. 16/M/N.C.
3. I don't really have any interesting aspects; at least, I don't think I do.
4. I started with all the typical stuff like Pokémon and the stuff on Toonami, but what really got me into anime was a Youtube video of Pikachus dancing to Hare Hare Yukai.
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25 / M / Anchorage
Posted 7/28/12
2.19/M/ Alaska
3. I work at a autoshop, Huge Fan for Classic Horror and B-Flicks
4. Started with DBZ back in the day as a small child, then progressed a little bit with toonami and adult swim but stopped for many years. i dabbled here and there but iv decided to give it another go at good ol anime.
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25 / M / Orlando, Florida
Posted 7/29/12
1. Josh
2. 19/M/Florida
3. Love to play sports, watch the Olympics, skydive(one day soon BASE jump), and things like that.
Fool around with my guitar, piano, or on FL studio.
4. Like many started with Dragonball Z. Then watched all of toonami, then started secretly staying up late to watch Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, and others.

So I'm mostly outside, but when at home I'll either be watching a movie, anime, or playing music.
I use to run and pole vault in high school, but now I usually spend all my money on skydiving.
Want to travel around the world one day and see it all!
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19 / M / Dublin (Ireland)
Posted 7/29/12
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