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26 / M / Orlando, FL
Posted 8/4/12
Name's Cory!


I don't know what exactly would be weird about me, but I have an insanely eccentric taste in music!

Not sure how I was introduced to anime/gaming... I've always like video games since I was a kid (I now study it professionally :D), and I was probably brought into anime by Toonami/adult swim when I was younger.
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Posted 8/5/12 , edited 8/5/12
1. Lalmirchi~ but call me Lal
2. 16 and female
3. uh...nothing interesting bout me...
4. boredom
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M / CEO / Creative Di...
Posted 8/5/12

22/ M / Northern California

I work as a freelance Graphic Designer (AKA not a stable job) en I rike to do duh dancing in duh Klup.

I thought asian people were born liking anime and video games?
Posted 8/5/12
1. My real name is Vilma.
2. I'm nearly 19 years old female from Finland.
3. I'm furry (fan of anthropomorphism) who suffers from a very severe social anxiety disorder.
4. I became interested in anime when I figured out that Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (my favourite anime) is anime. Then I wanted to get to know other animes too and I also wanted to know about manga and other Japanese things. :)

Here are some other facts about me:
- I have two dogs and two cats.
- I love wolves.
- I study at internet upper secondary school.

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23 / M / FiLi
Posted 8/5/12


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F / Above You! ♖✮♝♞♟♠...
Posted 8/6/12
1) Terri
2) Im 11, Female. Southern California
3) im always talking to someone on something
4) My Frands. cause they are like.....Animes are so Kool. and Im like...I will check it out later. then somehow...i start loving anime~ =-=
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Posted 8/6/12
1) Jaynes
2) im 26/m/lower Alabama
3) i love going fast but i stop to enjoy the small things in life. i <3 Tsundere
4) lThanks dad ol my dad got me into anime with Akira
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27 / M / Houston
Posted 8/7/12
Not really new, but I've never posted or introduced myself so Hi.
Most of my info is on my profile, I'm too lazy to post it here. Anyway...

I like grape soda. I don't wear cowboy hats, nor do I ride horses. If you don't know where Houston is, it's in Texas. (Sometimes people don't know.)

...Walp, my work here is done. Back to watching anime.
Posted 8/7/12
1. Slick Rick the Ruler

2. None of your beeswax, M, PDX

3. Into ADVs, Mini-Z racers, figure collecting, anime and some manga (think Yomeiro Choice and Sundome)

4. Used to detest anything anime related until I saw Girls High and then I was hooked. Took off from there with the discovery of ADVs and figurines.
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23 / M / CA
Posted 8/7/12
Hey everybody, my name's Jess. I'm 17 and i live in CA. Feel free to visit my profile as you'll find everything you need to know there about myself. Well, the main things of cource. If want to realy know me, say what's up, i like meeting new people.

Hope to make some cool friends while i'm here! ^_^

<3 Oak
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25 / M / NJ
Posted 8/7/12
Oscar...or Orange Juice Xp
I like to pretend and joke around that i'm a stripper lmao..shhh
And a friend or 2 or 3 told me to watch Death Note..was like C:
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26 / Monroe, LA
Posted 8/8/12

1 - My name is Andrew, but most of the people I know call me by Keo (part of my last name)
2 - 20/Male/Louisiana
3 - I work as an assistant manager/chef (when needed) at a restaurant in Monroe, LA. Currently attending second year of college. I LOVE anime, manga, and light novels and am also a pretty hardcore gamer. Aside from my love for Eastern Culture, I love my Xbox and play a pretty wide variety of games. GT is Ichirou Keo for anyone that wants to play too.
4 - I started getting into anime after coming home from school and watching Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakushou, and Rurouni Kenshin back when I was in elementary school. Shortly afterwards, I discovered this amazing thing called internet at my local library and started researching to find that Manga and Light Novels existed as well besides Anime. Thus began my rather unhealthy obsession with Japanese Culture, as well as Korean (I believe Korean "Manga" were called "Man-wha" or something of the sort). As far as gaming went, I was introduced at an early age as well, starting with a Sega Genesis -> Gameboy -> Playstation + N64 + Super Nintendo -> Xbox -> PS2 -> Xbox 360 + MMO's. I currently own an Xbox 360 and a decent laptop, but I've died out from playing MMO's for a bit. Looking to get back in since Sword Art Online's Anime Debut rekindled my love for MMO's. Currently reading a lot of manga, watching this season's anime, and supporting the translation of Sword Art Online: Alicization Running (Volume 10 out of 15 for the series) I don't ever want 15 to get here!!! >.<

That does it for my introduction! I'll be in your care!
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22 / F
Posted 8/8/12

1. Mindy
2. 17/Female/California
3. I love to sing, but secretly I don't like to sing in front of people. Even though I have Xbox I don't really play with it.
4. First time I actually got into anime is when I was watching Yu-gi-oh! and Pokemon since they were very popular with many people. I got into wondering who wrote them so I went online and found out that the cartoons that I been watching was called Anime, so I started to want to see more of the so called "Anime" and from there I started to like anime. I got into the more popular mangas: Naruto and Bleach. Then I moved on to other mangas that were popular with other people. Then I started to watch the anime versions.

That's basically it. Please take care of me! ^_^
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Posted 8/8/12
Hello hello!

1. Jae
2. oldish dude.. lol
3. I enjoy fashion. Label me as a fashionable geek.
4. I guess it started with sailormoon LOL. nojoke. I am big nerd on the inside.
Posted 8/9/12

jaechiang wrote:

3. I enjoy fashion. Label me as a fashionable geek.

How about hipster for short?
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