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27 / M / Mississippi,USA
Posted 10/22/12
1. Lewis
2. Age:23, male, Mississippi, USA
3. I love Halo, talking about Anime and play games on my xbox, P.C., and PS3
4. I first started watching pokemon, the first episode I watched was first season when Ash and the gang went to the haunted pokemon tower to find a ghost pokemon to battle Sabrina.
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M / Online
Posted 10/22/12
1. Josh
2. 22/male/TN
3. I like cloudy days more than sunny ones.
4. I honestly don't remember what got me into anime. I know that the first anime I saw was DBZ, but I didn't realize that it was a anime and I don't think it had to do with the other shows I watched.
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23 / M
Posted 10/22/12 , edited 10/22/12
1. Josh
2. 20/m/MI
3. Well... I like to draw anime/manga and other weird comic things that just come into my head, oh and i love the rain. I also love to tell jokes and just be funny, i like to try and out do other people in unofficial "who can be funnier" contests. I have also become a lot more outgoing ( or at least i am trying to be ) I have just been putting myself out there more and trying a lot of new things, like every time i go somewhere to eat, like my favorite sushi shop, i get some thing different every time. Another thing about me is recently at college i wore a shirt that said LIFE on it and handed out a bunch of lemons to make everyone's day the best day ever! i mean c'mon who wouldn't have a good day after LIFE just handed them a lemon lol. Other than that i like to just hang out and watch anime.
4. the first anime i watched was Sailor moon when i was little and it helped get everything started for all the anime i watch today. So thanks Sailor moon for getting everything started :3
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M / Londrina, Parana...
Posted 10/23/12
Hey, I'm Mikhael. But everyone calls me Micky. I just started. I have no friends. hah. I'm from Berlin. Add me if you want.
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F / Massachusetts, USA
Posted 10/24/12 , edited 10/24/12
Im a lifetime older than all of you but let me tell you that the inner child likes to always play. I love animation. I live in the northeast, MA. I found anime on AS one day it was the 8th episode of FMA Bro and i looked it up on in interenet (ad Jadzia did) and found it playing on xfinity iin its entirey. Watched the entire 64 eps in subs and was hooked ever since on anime. I Love love anime. I just feel kinda strange to not be in mostly all of your age groups but what can i say other than age shouldnt matter. My profile info is incorrect , i am not 37 but older. Will friend anyone. I am in process of writing out my profile with photos. thanks for letting me learn from all of you about anime, the lexicon and reccommendations.
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24 / M
Posted 10/24/12
1. Conor
2. 20/male/London
3. currently studying animation and will hopefully be making my own in the future
4. i always liked anime but when i started to draw it got me into anime/manga even more and now im addicted
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104 / F / Over your bed, un...
Posted 10/25/12
1) Used to be EverlastingDivinity...don't even know if the old school people is here anymore...

2) I'm old enough to smack your head if you disrespect me

3) I like cheese. Don't hate

4) Guild War 2 baby...and anime
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21 / M
Posted 10/26/12
1. Chidos..its like my nickname , but anyone can also call me Thebe
2. Uh.I Think I know what that means haha 18/m/South U.S
3. Uhhh...Im a Semi-pro skater ...if thats relevant at all lol
4. Always been, Always will be?
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76 / F / In front of the c...
Posted 10/28/12
Hana Chan
Im a film major
Sailormoon! keke~ (^__^)/

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32 / M
Posted 10/29/12
1. Armando
2. 28/m/cali
3. im shy around new people
4. watching voltron as a kid got me started watchin anime
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31 / M / Hanover P.A
Posted 10/29/12
1. Nestor
2. i am 27 a dude and P.A
3. i have a couple friends that have moved to japan from military reasons. im currently trying to learn Japanese just to visit some good friends.
4. i am really in to Japanese cars and motorcycles. when Honda said that they might be building their motorcycles in Thailand i was like no way. Im all about J.D.M cars so that got me the foot in the door and now i read manga and watch anime.
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27 / M / New York
Posted 10/29/12
1. NAME Carlos - Loko Los
2. A/S/L 24, Male, New York
3. Interesting/Weird - I have a belly button, learning how to dance ( I think thats weird for a guy i guess)
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games - High School was always the same; Drinking, drugs, drama. It wasn't me so i found something more interesting Anime and Videogames. I'm a huge gamer and love relaxing and watching Anime.

Wouldn't mind trying out Sword Art Online
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17 / F / Auckland, New Zea...
Posted 10/30/12
Name -- Claudia

A/S/L -- 13, Female, Auckland New Zealand

Interesting/Weird -- I'm home-schooled. I'm not into what usual 'high-schoolers' are into nowadays, and greatly enjoy expanding my knowledge -- as well as settling down with some popcorn and some anime at the end of the day. I communicate better with people who are older than me. (I don't believe that was interesting or weird, but it's some basic info about me nonetheless.)

What got you into anime/music videos/games -- As a child I was heavily into shows like Cardcaptor Sakura, Pokemon, Digimon etc etc. When I discovered it was actually something called 'anime' I was intrigued and started watching shows like Fruits Basket, Ouran and such. I guess what I love about anime is that it is a cartoon that can be so deep and beautiful that it can outshine over half of the cruddy reality shows that show on TV nowadays, or even movies that premiere at the theater.
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M / Brooklyn, New York
Posted 10/30/12

A/S/L - 19, Male, Bk, NY
Interesting / Weird - I'm All About Sports Nd Try Out What I See In Sports Anime (I Guess That's Weird Lol)
Name - Devin
What got you into Anime - put Simple The Fact That I Live Here In the U.S Nd There Animated Shows Suck Ass but I give them props for some classic they did before I Started Watching Anime. Like Teen Titans, Avatar: Last Airbender, cardcaptors , sailor moon, as well as the Main 4 such as Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, Digimon, Beyblade
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25 / M / In my secret hide...
Posted 10/30/12
Name- Mike

A/S/L- 21/M/NC (North Carolina(

Something interesting/weird about you:

I guess the fact that I've been a member since 2007 and am just now introducing myself counts as weird? Maybe?

What got you into anime/music videos/games:

I watched a ton of Toonami as a kid, and when that eventually stopped running I turned to the internetz. Now I've seen a huge amount of anime, and have no intention of stopping.
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