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25 / M / Laguna Niguel, Ca...
Posted 11/13/12
1. Just Call me Alex
2. 20/Male/Southern California
3. I love Jrock and indie music. And also asian food and traveling :P
4. I was one of the original toonami faithful. But I really got into anime around 2005 when I was introduced to Full Metal Alchemist and Avatar: the last airbender

....I'm working on the Profile Pic thing
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105 / meh
Posted 11/15/12 , edited 11/15/12
I'm Len.
Just turned 20. I know, pretty young. xp
I cook when I'm bored, draw, or practice playing guitar on my spare time.
Inuyasha became the 1st anime I watched followed up by Cardcaptors. Since then I've been hooked on anime.
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27 / F / Rapture
Posted 11/16/12
JoAnime -> My actual name (just spelled differently to be more awesome)
22~F~DC/ Baltimore area
I never wear pants, (dresses all the way!) and I love cooking and experimenting to make food celiac-friendly
I've been playing video games and watching anime since I was very young. I really can't remember a time when it wasn't in my life.... Comic books and manga I didn't get into until a few years ago

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F / Massachusetts, USA
Posted 11/17/12
Linda / older than my profile says / Massachusetts

weird:? i have to wash my sneakers every time i wear them. I have to eat dinner during King of th Hill and many more quirks.

Got into anime about a year ago plus when i accidentaly stumbled across full metal alchemist brotherhood and now am hooked on japanese toons. My friends think im strange to spend hours watching anime in japanes language but i love it. My fav current seas animes are SAO, Steins Gate, Future diary and am watchin Hiiro no kakera also. Also love the avatar:last airbender. Now on nickelodeon.

Interesting? Let's see...i spent my life partying and talking so now being more less party free, i am boring. I collect toys from movies, toons and have about 1500 or more. Im an ebayer and may sell all my toys. I like to hear good debates like the one above these posts and like to hear a good conclusion. Thanks I'm glad to be aboard.
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25 / M / San Diego, CA
Posted 11/17/12

I'm 19, male, and live in the beautiful city of San Diego, California

wierd? hmmm.... i recently found an incredible interest into Buddhism. Seems like i've gotten crazier to my friends (the views towards life, meditating, etc.) but i feel all sorts of sane now (:
interesting? well, i'm into ALL sorts of things: music, anime, science, math, engineering, technology, music, going to shows, a few sports, just to name a few haha

My dad showed my glimpses of Japanese culture growing up and found i had much respect for their culture. Kingdom Hearts introduced me to Japanese music and from there I found Anime....and i lived happily ever after haha

Glad to meet everyone (:
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18 / F / u.k, England
Posted 11/17/12
hehe im ayanna but i preffere yarni. 14 but every says ive got a baby face n luk lik 11 0-0 im in england sheffield but i used to live in jamacia.
3.wahh i cba to say errm im a very random person but if i dont no anyone im soooo shy its unreal.
4.just lik lexus fanal fantasy got me hooked on anime its literall ythe same story as her how ironic hehe lol pllzzz add meeee if u wanna ask question im tots happy to answer
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48 / M
Posted 11/17/12
1. Ed
2. 43/M/Maryland
3. I'm a computer programmer/Still into Pokemon games and TV series at my age.
4. So old I actually watched Speed Racer and Star Blazers when it aired on public television in the United States. Really got interested back in 2001 watching Adult Swim. I've collected over 700 DVD/Blu-ray anime discs since then. I really enjoy being able to watch series as they release in Japan here on CR.
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22 / F / (walk in the dar...
Posted 11/17/12
my name is vallary
im 16 year old
my eyes dark brown thart very interest
to me final final movie and games the pic and
just like to watch anime to so enjoyable to me
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22 / M / Norway
Posted 11/18/12
1. Hello my name is Håvard ^^
2. Im 17 years old male and Im from Norway
3. I love watching animes (shock ) play games on pc and ps3.
4. no idea, the internet maybe xD AMV's
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27 / M
Posted 11/18/12
1. Robert
2. 22/M/NM
3. I am a martial arts teacher and I am a social person
4. my sister did and I enjoyed it ever since

I am looking for new friends and get to know all of you!
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26 / M / caribbean
Posted 11/18/12
1. my name is Jesse
2. i am 21 but i sometime forget that i am, i live in the Caribbean
3. humm, where im from watching anime and playing games is strange :p yet people advocate that we 'young adults not get into trouble or make any kids by mistake.
4. i cant remember...maybe it was watching techno-man or samurai X as a wait it was when i got a dvd of avatar the last air bender it had stoped i a good spot and i had to find out what hapened next good times good times. naruto too.
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Posted 11/19/12
1. name: James

2. a/s/l : 14/M/Ireland

3. something interesting/weird about you: For some reason I love animes that take place in school
E.g say I love you , some people may think I'm gay because I like romantic anime but I honestly have no idea why I like it . I just do . I also love Sword art online , Total eclipse and Hunter x Hunter

4. what got you into anime/music videos/games
My brother . He told me about bleach and so at first I watched it on YouTube but then I found crunchy roll . I was in love with divining when I was younger and I got so happy when I found a form of digimon on CR.

Well that's all I guess . love you all <3
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31 / M
Posted 11/19/12
1. My actual name is Melina but everyone just calls me Mena.
2. 20/F/SoCal
3. I am currently going to school for special effects makeup but my dream career is to be a voice actress for Disney/Pixar. * u *
4. I would say I got into anime simply from watching Sailor Moon on my TV after school(even though I didn't know it was anime at the time.)
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24 / M / Canada
Posted 11/19/12
The name is Jonathan.
Addicting to Dr Pepper. Lots weird about me. But to myself, I am normal.
On TV in few years ago, I always watch cartoon. Somehow some of anime in there. I notice it's different than usually cartoon, like InuYasha, Dragonball, Konjiki no Gash!! then I found out that it's call anime and I falling in love with world of anime!
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27 / F / Northern California
Posted 11/19/12
Hi, my name is Erica~
I'm 22 years old. I am a female, and I live in Northern California.
I love pocket watches and antique keys.
I got into anime from watching Sailor Moon and Pokemon when I was young. :3
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26 / F / ...Right Here...
Posted 11/20/12 , edited 11/20/12
Hey everyone!! My name is Emily!!

I'm 20, I am a lady, and I live in Michigan (aka the most boring place ever)

I am super easy to get excited and tend to have random excitement mode when I see something I like a lot.
like I see a cute guy, or anime, or anything pertaining to Japanese culture, or really good food. I usually talk in gibberish and get all crazy
and jump around in circles or do a cartwheel or a flip looking for a way to let out my excitement. LOL

My ex showed me Bleach when I was like 16 and I have been hooked on anime ever since. But I also used to watch it when I was young.

If you want to chat messages me or buddy me.
I am definitely a people person
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22 / F / N. Ireland
Posted 11/20/12
1. hiya i'm robyn
2. i'm 17, girl and i'm from northern ireland!!
3. idk if there's anything weird/interesting about me- i'm really boring irl
4. i got into anime when i was 12 i think?? i remember this kh fanfic writer i use to love started making fanfics for fruits basket and death note so i looked into them and i got hooked, i guess!! (although i don't have as much time to watch anime nowadays because of school)
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