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23 / M / New York
Posted 11/26/12 , edited 11/26/12
1. username: nipponatic xP (Nippon, as in, Japan in Japanese)

2. 18, Male, New York.

3. I started an anime club on my second day of college, I'm a regular Otakon and New York Comic Con attendee, and I've been using Crunchyroll since 2009 without an account! (^o^)

4. I've been watching anime since I was really little, probably around 3. My dad came back from a business trip to Japan when I was a kid, and introduced me to anime when he brought stuff back. One of the first things I remember watching was Pokemon, (Lol saw episode 1 the day it apppeared!) I've been hooked on anime ever since! Toonami made me addicted at a young age too! XD I became really interested around 06-07, and now have basically been a hardcore Otaku since 2009! I regularly attend Otakon and New York Comic Con, and love talking to the Crunchyroll team! See you guys at Otakon 2013, and yay, finally have an account!! \(^o^)/

Favorite Anime include: Angel Beats, Sword Art Online, Steins;Gate (remember the Crunchyroll simulcast!), Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon), Durarara, Nichijou (My Ordinary Life), all Haruhi series and the movie, Lucky Star, K-ON, Clannad and Clannad After Story, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, fate series, No. 6, World God Only Knows, Code Geass, and Naruto (followed it more when I was younger). Lol I can't list them all, too many! XD
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24 / M / ....... Go away c...
Posted 11/26/12 , edited 11/26/12
1. Nate
2. 18/M/Wisconsin
3. I had allergies to trees so im indoors for most of spring -.-
4. Netflix introduced me to many series and Spirited away was the first anime i watched.
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23 / M
Posted 11/26/12 , edited 11/26/12
Well I've been on CR for nearly a year and just noticed this thread... So yeah I'm a noob...

1. You do not need to know my name.
2. 17 (18 in two days) / Male / Teh Interwebz (and the east coast shhh it's a secret )
3. I am a and only slightly crazy.
4. I had watched various anime for years without even recognizing them as anime... (Pokemon since I was like 2 or 3 for example) Yeah... The first show I actually acknowledged as anime was Highschool of the Dead a couple years ago. lol
Posted 11/27/12 , edited 11/27/12
hello there :)

i'm quiprel, female, 17, philippines :)

i love to eat when i'm upset BUT i still don't gain weight. As in! i'm "slim" (my friends always told me that)
i love to play guitar and listen to mellow musics.
i love to sleep also ang hang out with my friends.
i sometimes sleep in class XD (shh my teachers don't know that)

i really love hunter x hunter SUPER! And Special A. Ao no exorcist. I guess if the story's cool, i will surely love it.

i'm looking forward to have MORE friends here add me and let's be friends heyhey
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Posted 11/27/12 , edited 11/27/12
1.) Jeanie
2.) 24/ F/ Rutgers
3.) My friends say Im cray cray lol
4.) Havent watched anime since middle school. Ive missed alot, trying to catch up :l
Posted 11/27/12 , edited 11/27/12
name is alva. my name is short enough so you don't have to give me a nick or anything. I don't like to work with agenda and I have nothing to hide, hate posers because noone is going to judge you so you can wear off your mask. just being myself although you might find me mean. enjoying anime when im stressed out from school and open to all friend requests! im straight forward and happy go lucky but im very friendly if you managed to stay long enough with me to know me that is.
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Posted 11/28/12 , edited 11/28/12
1: My name is Ceres
2: I'm F/M muahah^^b I'm 29 from Massachusetts, though soon will be moving to California Yay!
3: Funny enough I've been a member on here since 2007, but have never posted or used the forums. So I thought an introduction would be fun. I play Guitar and Piano as my life and really enjoy watching anime when I have the time.
4: Marmalade Boy was my first anime which I happen to see on a crappy local station around here and it turned out to be one of my Favorite anime's, though I really enjoy pretty much every type of anime.
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21 / F / Aus
Posted 11/29/12 , edited 11/29/12
1 - Name's May
2 - F/M , 15 years (yes i'm young) from Australia but holidays here in NYC ^.^
3 - Ive jjst started using crunchyroll the begining of this year and i love it, alot of great poeple i've met I like to play piano and i do alot of sports, netball is my best. I love wolves, and baby kittens, i like bright things, i also love music, can't go a day without it. And i've had a 5 year crush on this very cute boy i wish he only knew how i felt bout him :/
4 - Yeah when i have time i always watch anime, especially naruto Shippuden ^.^ It has to be the best, lol my first anime i've watched is Wolf's Rain following by Naruto, love both and love alot more <3
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24 / M / A suburban town i...
Posted 11/29/12 , edited 11/29/12
1.) Eric Abraham, omitting the last name
2.) I am 18, male and live in the quite little town of Syracuse, Utah
3.) I am overly emotional, not zealous though, about things. Well I guess I should say ideas. Stuff in general ha. Whether it be activities I like to do (i.e. gaming, reading, watching anime or participating in games and competitions. Not really sports thought.) to ideas being presented and discussed to anything really haha. I try to hard...
4.) Anime - My sister, well initially it was watching old shows that were dubbed and approved here in the states. Like Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Yugioh to even the western shows like Animaniacs or even Avatar the Last Airbender (for sure my favorite American anime). But then in jr. high when I cared about "my image" and neglected myself I seemed to have forgotten that. But then in my junior year in high school I came across my sister watching Reborn Katekyo hitman (sorry if I spelled it wrong, I fubb up too much when it comes to specific names and shit) and To Love-Ru and the rest of that is history. These past two years I've been catching up on all that I foolishly missed.

Music Videos- (music in general) Music has always been a part of my life, since I was 5 learning piano, and never really left. Over the years I developed amateuric skills and really widened out my view on the many different genres I like. Aside from that I have honed in on what I really love and can differentiate those that I tolerate to those that I don't like. I appreciate and acknowledge all types as genuine music as I feel limiting opinions is a bit on the tyrancial side. Except Justin Bieber :P

Games - pretty much same as music. Gotta love me nintendo for being there as a kid where my social life and self reflection failed me. Yeah, ouch haha. Starting with the Super nintendo to my beloved, and still owned, nintendo 64 to modern gaming in the US like the Xbox. I want to branch out into different gaming though as the shooters and fighters are finding themselves to be more than disappointing to me in the aspects of repetition and a certain brute force dogma that most games tend to follow.

Oh and here I go again trying to hard to showcase myself where the norm calls for 1 or 2 sentences but am too damn lazy to go back and erase everything. That aside, I'll proudly stick my head up for what I wrote and will post. haha
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24 / F / California
Posted 11/29/12 , edited 11/30/12
Name: John and Yana would be my alternate self. ;3
19/ bi-gender/California

Overall I am an animator for my career, hybrid of western and eastern animation for my style.
Founder and lead animator of my studio which has a nice team but always looking for more people to join in the fun. ;)

Very caring type, always looking out for others.

Funny enough never did think of Pokemon as an anime till I was 12 and realized hey all this stuff like digimon, etc. (Naruto actually was what made me realize what an anime is at that age lol)

I am an avid cosplayer as well, really pushing my list this year aiming high as always. :D

For what anime I like, not overly picky, have a list a mile long by now. XP

All started with morning and afternoons of Pokemon & Digimon.

Favorites for me would be Witchblade, Panty & Stocking, SAO, Pokemon(Ah the nostalgia and Best Wishes is getting interesting) , fair amount more to list.

Feel free to ask more about me, I don't bite. ;P
Posted 11/29/12 , edited 11/30/12
1. Carlos
2. 18/M/Hoosier State
3. I could eat cereal every day. I love that stuff.
4. Got into anime with Toonami back in the years with DBZ. Always been into gaming since my big brother had a super nintendo
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29 / M / Wales, UK
Posted 12/1/12 , edited 12/1/12
1. Ben
2. 24/M/Wales UK
3. Aircraft Engineer/Guitarist/Airsofter
4. The GITS PSX Game :p

Been a member for a few months now, just never used to forums, so hi lol :p
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23 / M / Visalia, CA
Posted 12/2/12 , edited 12/2/12
Nice to meet every one my names Bryce or you can just call me Yui
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24 / M / Canada
Posted 12/2/12 , edited 12/3/12
2.18/M/ON Canada
3.Last year of HS =P
4.Im bored XD in need of friends!
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23 / F / † City of angles †
Posted 12/2/12 , edited 12/3/12

Name : Lola / Age : 18 / F /

// Hobby's //

Making New Friends ,Drawing , Reading Manga

New Account ; Been in cr since 2oo9 Aug. 14

i need friend feeling sola .

➜ ADD ME ?


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