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31 / M / Bucks County, PA
Posted 12/29/12 , edited 12/29/12
Hey guys, i have been into anime for many years now.. starting with the classic and trollishly long DBZ and the days of old school Toonami (well before Adult Swim ruined it). I stumbled across this site while looking for Blue Excorsist subs and this one won me over. I joined premium right away and I'm sure I will be here for some time to come.

I am 25, an avid PS3 gamer.. psn id: Dj_Breaker. I play mostly racing, rpg, puzzle/adventure and most recently some fighting games.. though i suck horribly right now.

Lately i find myself getting sick of TV and reality shows/dramas that become popular and i have been trying to get friends into anime. As they say, there truly is an anime for everyone, even if it is short.

Top 6 Favorite animes:
1. Darker Than Black
2. Blue Excorsist/Ao No Excorsist
3. Bleach
4. Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/GT saga
5. Initial D Ii am a car enthusiast though i still have lots to learn)!
6. TMNT 2003 series.

Favorite Video Games:
1. Ridge Racer Series (Rage Racer being #1)
2. Wipeout Series
3. Final Fantasy 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10
4. Gran Turismo Series
5. Myst Series
6. Dead or Alive 5
7. Fatal Frame Series (Japanese Horror ftw)
8. Star Ocean Series (The Second Story being an all time and most played)

I am very pro-Asian culture. I am always eatting sushi at work and co-workers look at me weird cause i use chopsticks like a pro lmao. Have a cousin who studied abroad in Tokyo last year. Really want to go one year.

Edit: College/ Career wise i am a Computer Forensics major, but i am on haitus atm saving money for a better school.

I am a drinker, it is mild and controlled though. Anything from beer to whiskys to tequila to rum to vodkas.
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41 / M / Kansas
Posted 12/29/12
Hello everyone!

My name is Adam. My username Akindria is my mages name in WoW.

I am 36/ male/ Kansas

I have been a member of Crunchy Roll for over 6 mo's and just now saw this thread. Since then till now I have watched over 1267 episodes/movies/videos. I love just about everything asian, especially anime, food and most of their automobiles since I specialize working on them as my profession. I am an Automotive Technician.

My first anime ever was transformers (80's) till I was 14 or 15 when my brother showed me Akira, Apple Seed, Tank Police and Project A-KO.

I am best described as a man of many talents or at least that's what all my friends, ex-gf's and wife says.
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Posted 12/29/12
Hello ~ouo~

My alias is Deity, I've used that usernamer for alot of things now xD I have noidea where it came from, gods I guess I'm 14/Female/Alberta.

I've been a gamer since I was about eight years old and I'm familiar with most of them or at least know their play style The ones that I've enjoyed the most and I've played for awhile now is LoL (League of Legends) and Maplestory!

What got me into anime was nothing specific, but probably the fact that my sister has watched alot of animes too, and I read quite a few mangas.

The first anime I've ever watched was probably FMA when I was pretty little with my sister, then I took a few years break, watched it again then moved onto more animes like Kuroshituji, Soul Eater, Kaichou wa Maid Sama and even the recent ones: SAO and Code:Breaker!

Anime just keeps getting better and better
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25 / M / Columbia, SC
Posted 12/29/12
Hey I'm Nick.

I'm 19 and currently live in Columbia, South Carolina but I've lived in a number of different places in the eastern US.

I first got into anime when I was 6 and started watching DBZ and it sort of went from there. I've watched on and off since, currently been on for the last couple of years.

I also like to play video games, been playing a lot on steam lately, listening to music, running, and playing tennis.

So yeah happy to be here and if anyone one has any questions or just wants to chat feel free to message me
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29 / Michigan
Posted 12/30/12 , edited 12/30/12

Hey Everyone, I'm Haste in Time.

Although you can just call me "HiT" which is short for 'Haste in Time' as you may have guessed. Alternatively you can call me Hitman. Haste in Time has always been my tag for almost everything that is gaming related. I came to Crunchy-Roll because of the Premium APP on Xbox Live. I already knew about CR since it had launched internally, but never found any interest in it until just now, since Dec 27 2012 anyhow.

I'm an avid Gamer at heart first and my job second as a Fictional Demi-God/internet Celebrity keeps me busy for sure. I always wanted to watch anime and play games but I never had enough money for that. So naturally I picked my first love since childhood, Video Games! :D

Around age 8 I discovered more about anime and eventually picked up Trigun my first and most Favorite Anime series. Of course since then I have watched many more anime shows, aside from what is aired in the mainstream US thanks to Funimation who has been entertaining me since Toonami completely tanked.

As I went through my years gaming I have watched over 50+ hours a week of Animation in general. I also happen to own just about every console out there and have a huge collection. I even have hand-made my very own custom built Full Tower PC. I have put a little over 82+ hours a week into gaming daily and built a gaming community called "Rated for Mature" or RFM in short. I love to play RPG's and Strategy games, but I play all genres except for "Sports" cause I rather do those outside instead. My home job as a Developer allows this, it's every total geeked out Gamer's dream come true really. I hope to enjoy my time here on CR and who knows I might get to game with you too when I'm not watching Anime on CR or Funimation. Just PM me if you want to play a game session and share some Anime Fav's.


Haste in Time


X360: Haste in Time
Steam: hasteintime (w/RFM group)
PSN: HasteInTime

Status: Demi-God of All Space & Time

Occupation: Internet Celebrity

My Birthday: August 5th
Current Age: 24
(As of this post)
Zodiac: In the year of the Golden Dragon, 1988. I was born in August under the sign of Leo.

Present Location:
Michigan, USA

Fav Food:
Pizza and Italian Foods

Fav Color:

Fav Game Genres:

Favorite Anime Series:

My Favorite PC Game:
Command and Conquer: Tiberium Sun

Some of My Favorite Console Games:
Far-Cry 3 on X360, Battle-Tech on Sega-Gens, Perfect Dark on N64 and LoZ-Skyward Sword on Nintendo Wii (to name a few)

Thanks for reading! See ya around Crunchy-Roll! Questions? Please PM me!
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19 / F
Posted 12/30/12
1. Kristian
2. 14/F/USA
3. This is impossible. I don't think there is anything interesting about me. ^^;
4. My ex-girlfriend got me into anime.
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32 / M / los angeles
Posted 12/31/12
1)hi my name is jose
2)im 26 male i live los angeles
3)interensting thing hard to say im just a regular guy here to watch some great anime and meet people who enjoy it
4)Im a fan of dbz as a kid and ive watched many others including naruto,basilick,and so on
5) i have two 48 hour guest pass i dont need if anybody is interested in them please let me know
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24 / M / Kentucky
Posted 1/1/13
Here i go
my name is Dylan
what got me really into anime is gundam 00 that showed on Scfi on monday nights.
i dont really know anything exciting about myself off the top of my head but i play WoW and Xbox.
Please message me with any anime you might think i would like or if you wanna talk about anime that is cool to
my main reason for this is to find people who have the same interests as myself
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Posted 1/1/13 , edited 1/1/13
Hey Everyone!

Gena but you can call me cherry
uhh I am a pretty weird person in general...but I guess I space out often and blurt out random sentences :)
got hooked on anime in middle school....and it just stuck. stopped when I got to college, but I missed it

Feel free to message me/add me I really want to meet new people and chat!
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Posted 1/1/13
Hi everyone, my name is Sean Smithson.

I am a cinema and entertainment writer with Fangoria magazine, and Twitchfilm dot com. I grew up loving anime before the boom hit in the 80's, and was lucky enough to have older firends who would go to Japan and return with loads of (then) new anime titles. NAUSICAA, CRUSHER JOE, MACROSS, and others were all early staples. But my primary love was for the works of Leiji Matsumoto, namely SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO and CAPTAIN HARLOCK. I saw HARLOCK first on a mexican TV station, with Spanish dubbing and English subtitles. When the US launch of YAMATO, known as STAR BLAZERS, launched I was immeditely hooked. The recent release of YAMATO 2199 has rekindled this love which now burns like a fire in me.

Recently I have gone back and "re-discovered" the series in it's original Japanese language and unedited. This actually led to a good friend, Kris Kudla, and I starting YAMATOcast, the first podcast ever dedicated pretty much solely to the exploits of the brave Yamato crew. If you search Facebook with "Yamato podcast" you'll find us and links to the first episode (Episode Zero) where we keep it simple the first time out, and prepare for our official take-off into what will be a long running episode guide/fan session, including interviews with notables involved with the shows, "pro" level fans, as well as soundtrack clips and other assorted silly fun.

We'd love for as many Crunchyroll denizens as possible to join us in our mission, so please come on over and crash the party!
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35 / Bristol, England, UK
Posted 1/1/13
Right, here goes.

29, autistic manchild, into cartoons. I ain't here to groom teenage weeaboos. I came for Gundam. Gundam now gone. Me so sad. I buy Bandai for two dowwar.

I'm also an English dick. We'll see how long I'll remain here.
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23 / M
Posted 1/1/13 , edited 1/2/13
Hello there reader reading this. You may address me as The Shoopuff. Yes. You read that right.

Couple things:
- Joined because I like meeting new people and talking to them derpherp
- INFP. Those who know what these letters are, great. Those who don't, Google is your best friend.
- My brand of humor is often sarcastic and other times I draw from references nobody seems to know to the point they're unable to relate (huehuehue)
- May come off as eccentric, weird, strange, whatever word fits the context. So bleh. :P
- When I give feedback, it's constructive and it comes purely from what I know and how I feel. Don't feel badly or take it the wrong way if I give things like that.
- I'm an appreciator of nearly any type of anything that can be called "art" (cosplay, drawings, table/flower arrangements, forum signatures, sprites... etc.) and music (whole shitload of genres) ^-^
- Grew up on gaming. I'm more of a gamer guy than an anime/manga guy. Fighting, Action, RPGs, and Rhythm games are my thing.
- Fuck stereotypes.
- I roll alot. Irrelevant, I know.

-rolls away-
Posted 1/2/13
What's up Crunchyroll xD

1. My name is Frank xD

2. 16/ Male/ United Kingdom

3. I sometimes make a ninja cloak out of my blanket and pretend I'm a ninja I like leather and the colour Orange. I also use "xD" a lot xD I love art (drawing, painting, etc.), I'm not a pro drawer but I'm good

4. I found Anime through my interest in Japan ^_^ v.. My friend got me into Rock and Metal \m/ I've been playing video games since I was little (5 or 6 years old) I'm into Tekken

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Posted 1/2/13
Hello Hello My name is Lexi its nice to meet you all!!! So happy to find a anime Site i can talked and watched Anime..
Posted 1/2/13
1. I'm Mukon, nice to meet everyone at Crunchyroll. Been a fan for awhile. Sorry if the name sounds weird...
2. I'm 21, male. And I live in Ohio.
3. My interests, anime, video games, getting into Cosplaying, "Hopefully"
4. Why did I get into anime and video games? I've started out watching Dragonball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Pokemon, Sailor Moon. I've been also introduced it by my uncle who liked anime. I like to watch anime in English dubbed sometimes if I don't want to watch subtitled anime. Though I don't find anything wrong with Subs. I am a Naruto fan. And I like other anime as well. Like .Hack//SIGN, Fate Stay Night, Claymore, Sword Art Online, etc. Favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda series and Kingdom Hearts and much more. And forgot to mention been a anime fan since I was 5. So yeah, Hope to be welcomed at Crunchyroll. This is a great site and a place to watch anime.
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