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23 / F
Posted 2/10/13 , edited 2/10/13
1. Cj
2. 18 / F / Phil
3. I fantasize metal music/rock /dubstep if anyone can relate to that. And a gamer
4. i'm not quite sure what got me into anime/music videos/games, I had been following these kind of stuffs since I was a kid. All i know is that I started loving it from the moment I first saw it. kdot x))
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33 / F / California, near...
Posted 2/10/13 , edited 2/10/13
1. Shauna
2. 28/Female/Mid-California
3. I'm really spatial and love to think of ways to create my own cosplay, fan props and hand-sewn geekery
4. Sailor Moon used to be on during the summers in the mornings, and I really enjoyed Tenchi Muyo on Toonami as a kid.
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32 / M / Georgia
Posted 2/10/13 , edited 2/10/13
1. Jason
2. 27/M/VA
3. I fell in love with the outdoors while in the service so I enjoy hiking, camping, ect.
4. It was probably my first time watching Voltron back in the late 80's early 90's-ish. I just continued seeking the genre out.
Posted 2/10/13 , edited 2/11/13
1. Eldon
2. 17/man not male /texas
3. i was once ranked nationally at ping pong
4.i loved the art that is involved with the the anime
Posted 2/10/13 , edited 2/11/13
1. Tim
2. 22/m/IN
3. i play paintball love my team
4. i love watching sword art online
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33 / F / Philadelphia, PA
Posted 2/11/13 , edited 2/11/13
1.) Liz
2.) 27/F/Philadelphia, PA
3.) Been watching anime and gaming for over 10 years.
4.) I'm learning Japanese and hope to one day go to Japan.
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27 / M / Oregon
Posted 2/11/13 , edited 2/12/13
1) Haven
2) 22/M/Oregon
3) I have a pretty pessimistic attitude about life, but I'd like to think that life is a lot better than I initially end up thinking it is, which it most likely is, though I have a hard time keeping that mindset at times.
4) Always been a gamer since i was wee lad. Typically when i was younger my parents would use games to babysit me rather than to just babysit me themselves.

Anime on the other hand has only been a hobby of mine for roughly 3 years, started near the end of my senior year of high school. I don't know what the cause was but I believe I actively searched for anime online and realized it was totally different than western cartoons and had a certain quality and substance to them that I had not yet known. Anime tackled issues and themes that I had only dreamed of animation doing. And yet anime had done it. Fast forward to now and I'm still very infatuated with anime even with all the crap fan service shows that turn out every season as well as the redundant high school setting and not to mention the tropes that continually occur. What brings me back though is there's always that gem that comes out that refuels my love of anime.
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26 / F / USA
Posted 2/12/13 , edited 2/12/13
:] My name is ViiVy just loves anime, and looking around for a friend!
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35 / M / Watford, England
Posted 2/12/13 , edited 2/12/13
1. Will
2. 30/M /Watford, England
3. Exceptionally average?!
4. An old friend showed me Vampire Hunter D and I never looked back. I've loved video games since the NES and still have my original Gameboy.
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Posted 2/12/13 , edited 2/13/13
1. Tiffany, but i dislike my name so call me Beni
2. 22/F/the States
3. I dye my hair a lot of weird colors, sometimes twice a month. It refreshes me, haha.
4. what got me into anime was actaully reading Fruits Basket and then I heard there was an anime version, so Ba-Bing-Bom! Videogames, not sure really, I just like the thrill of them ^^ (Fighting, RPG, 1st person/3rd person shooter, some puzzle/strategy games, and Pokemon!)
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37 / M / Sol System, Terra...
Posted 2/12/13 , edited 2/13/13
1. Tel, or TJ please. It's the wild internet, let's not get too personal here.
2. 31 / M / Sol System, Terra, North America, United States of America, Mid-Atlantic Region
3. [insert content here]
4. I'd avoided it for a long time; hadn't seen the attraction. A friend got me hooked on Bleach around the time episode 30 was airing in Japan, and I've been hooked ever since (even though that series has long since lost my attention).
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22 / M / wherever my girl is.
Posted 2/13/13 , edited 2/14/13
1. Kyle Zhen
2. 17/m/u.s.
3. I love my girlfriend and my best friend (that's a girl as well)
4. not an anime fan, just enjoy meeting and making new friends.
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28 / M / Hurst, Texas
Posted 2/14/13 , edited 2/14/13
Oh look an introduction board. Awesome.

1. Charles (that's about as much as i'm going to toss out.)

2. 23/M/ Central timezone currently in Texas, Decatur.

3. Well, i guess interesting really depends on the people around you and what they think interesting is. I would have to say, i write pretty darkly? Sing a martial arts occasionally? It's one of the harder aspects to answer cause of like i stated, really depends on the person.

4. My first anime was probably Sailor Moon haha, as for music my family is very music oriented, so i always held on to many different genre's but the one who introduced me to my favorite genre (metal) was Metallica. Video games would be Colecovision joust i think it was a long time ago, i was like 6. XD
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26 / M / Salinas, California
Posted 2/14/13 , edited 2/15/13
21 year old male
From California
Something weird is I enjoyed catching people stealing and arresting them where I used to work, until I left for school.
Dragonball was my first anime. Used to watch it with my dad when I was little
Posted 2/15/13 , edited 2/15/13
Hi, my friends call me Lady but deep inside I know they mean Lazy. You may call me Neej.

I've been a student of medicine since I was 18 and what got me into anime was a terminal patient I treated a couple of years ago. He was so lovely, but then he dried up, lost hair, got purple and died. Reminds me of my pet.
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