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Post Reply Introductions
Posted 5/8/13
1.) Mihiru

2.) 18/F/PA

3.) Major gamer and otaku

4.) What got me into games: My friends in elementary school
Music: Discovery of Youtube in 5th grade. First thing that I watched/heard - Passion MV- Utada Hikaru
Anime: Youtubeee X3
Manga: Borders (Bookstore- sadly does not exist anymore TT ^ TT)
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38 / Va.
Posted 5/9/13
Christopher, 33, m, Va. sometimes I get euphoric chills when I listen to music and I love reading the dictionary. As for how I got into anime in general you can say it helped me escape my depression when I was younger.
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26 / F / California girl,...
Posted 5/9/13
1. Brie
2. 21/F/CA
3. I can both remove and dissect a human heart. Thanks, mortuary sciences!
4. My dad was a motocross racer, and would bring me old Pokemon comics (I'm talking Dengeki! Pikachu, from the late 90s) when he came back from bike shows in Japan.
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24 / M / Texas, United States
Posted 5/10/13
1. Ray
2. 19/M/Texas
3. I have the ability to perform Financial Statements and various Accounting forms.
4. Originally watched shows like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z when i was a kid. Then I found The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and I got hooked to anime I guess.
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33 / M / oregon
Posted 5/10/13
1. DJ
2. 28/M/oregon
3. I get super excited when watching anime sometimes I have a nerdgasm.
4. I remember faking being sick on Sunday so i could stay home and watch tekkaman blade when I was like 6 and my brother would get so mad cause he had to stay home and watch me. Then I got him addicted and we started watching DB and anything else we could get our hands on.
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25 / M / Alaska
Posted 5/11/13
Hi there, just joined today thought i'd introduce myself.

1. Jose
2. 20/M/AK, CA (I live in Alaska, but visit CA as much as I can)
3. my personality is weird in general, I have an obsession with pandas!
4. probably the story-lines, how beautiful the drawings were and the escape from reality.

If you have any anime you'd like to suggest for me I'm very open minded......and I'm running a little dry on shows.
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34 / M / Sheffield, UK
Posted 5/11/13
Became a member ages ago but only just delved into the forums. I know it's anti-social.

1. Allan
2. 29/m/UK
3. Ambient Airplane In-Cabin sounds relaxes me.
4. Think long ago when I was a kid there was Robotech, but then there was a big hiatus till I met a girl...and it grew from there.

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22 / M / New York
Posted 5/11/13
Oh my goodness, there are FORUMS here?
*canned laughter*
But no seriously...

1. Evon
2. 17/m/NY
3. My ability to do the worm is unparalleled! Also a great whistler.
4. Games have just ALWAYS existed in my life (I like to believe I took 'em from the future and dumped them back on my kid self, since making sense is for chumps. :P)
As for anime, I figure Toonami, back when it would be on during the day, got me into it. Big O, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam... GREAT springboard for later in life.
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27 / M / New mexico
Posted 5/12/13
Ah, how I've missed forums and online communities. ;____;

1. James
2. 22/M/NM
3. i make music. a lot.
4. Toonami, really. I was young, and didn't have much opportunity to go to entertainment outlets, so this was my only source. Then, we got our first computer, and it was all downhill from there. We're talking anime, mmorpg's, FORUMS FORUMS FORUMS. I was extremely in to Forums when I was younger, and ran a few from the ages of 15 - 17.

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24 / M / Excelsior, Minnes...
Posted 5/12/13
1. My name is Frank Loren Bass
3. Performance singing, very amatuer comedian, pencil profile artist, fun to be around, professional whistler, big heart
4. My older sister started watching Noir and Tokyo Mew Mew and Ive loved anime and manga ever since

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26 / F / Charlotte, North...
Posted 5/13/13
Hai guys~ My name is Connie!
I'm a 21 year old female that lives in Charlotte, NC.
I'm a blogger and pretty much the definitionof weird.
I got into anime when I was little by watching Evangelion and Sailor Moon. Then I fell out of it sadly... Then I started watching Yu-Gi-Oh! and playing Zelda again. It's mostly thanks to my two friends Kristina and Asako.
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27 / M / Finland
Posted 5/14/13
Hey, I go by the handle of SirFinland and as it suggest, I'm Finnish. I'm 22 and a professional sarcastic cynic who tries his best at taking things seriously. I got into anime by first liking Dragonball, manga and anime, and after I got tired of shounen, I moved onto mainly seinen with such titles as Hellsing and Oh My Goddess.

My interests include anime and manga and gaming and occasional pondering of philosophical questions and thinking about politics once in a while. Sometimes I might even engage in a debate of such things if I can get over the fact that debating online can be fairly useless. Once again, being a pro sarcastic cynic, that would be pretty rare.
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Posted 5/14/13
Hey I'm noxii,

was wondering if anyone wanted to be friends to talk about anime and stuff (dunno how lame that sounds :D)

a little bit about me. I'm 25, I'm an artist/illustrator/animator , I don't really have many friends irl who watch anime so I never have anyone to talk to about it D:< . umm, I like to play video games as well, also love soccer. I grew up in south america even though I was born here in the US and I moved back to the US about 6 years ago :D

some of my fave animes include (i will probably forget a bunch)

Soul Eater
Deadman Wonderland
Elfen Lied
Hellsing Ultimate
Korewa Zombie Desu Ka
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
and yeah i think that's enough :D

So yeah let me know if you want to chat it up!!!!

add me as a buddy!!!

p.s. here's my webpage if anyone would like to see...
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38 / M / Dallas, TX
Posted 5/14/13
Yo yo! Name's Kyle
33 / male / Dallas, Texas
Weirdest thing is that I'm a redneck liberal extrovert computer geek. Computers by day, hunting/fishing/guns at night, but vote democrat...go fig.

I got into anime a LONG time ago, back in the 80's. Favorites back then were Macross, Fist of the North Star, etc. Moved up to Evangelion, Trigun, etc. Have a huge, old collection of vintage toys never removed from the box, but fell out of anime for the past 5 years and collecting stuff for the past 10. Just now getting back into anime, so I'm trying to catch up on all the cool stuff I missed. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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32 / M
Posted 5/15/13
1: Courtney
2: 27/male/UK
3: I suffer from asberger syndrome and can fit my whole fist in my mouth
4: got in to anime when I was 13 when I saw ghost in the shell and ronjin z
5: got in to gaming when I was 8 but truly became a gamer when I played my first rpg
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