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22 / M / Maryland
Posted 10/20/13
Hi, I'm Luis!
I'm 18/east coast
Weightlifting is my passion my current deadlift is at 435
I attend the university of maryland

Hmm... what got me into anime... first it was dbz and man those were good days, i would actually try gokus handstand pushups and injured myself so many times lol.
That and death note pretty much sold me into anime
Posted 10/20/13
I've been a member for a while now, i've just been too shy to post anything, but here it goes!

1. I go by the name of Vel
2. I'm 22 and I live in England
3. I love anime, maybe a little too much.. I'm an avid gamer and I also like writing, drawing and baking tasty treats :3
4. I only got into anime properly last year after I watched Death Note, I adored it and have been a fan of anime ever since.

I'd love to make some new friends on here, i'm usually a bit of a lurker but I would like to come out of my shell a little more and meet some lovely people, please feel free to message me!
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26 / M / Minnesota
Posted 10/21/13
1. Brandon
2. 22/M/MN
3. I'm like a cat whisperer D:
4. Dragonball Z got me into anime. That's how it all began!! :3
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21 / O
Posted 10/22/13
uhh.. I never gave an introduction xD! Well! It has been 1 year and it has been a trip!

My name is Jákup Viljam *Hajimemashite yoroshiku! >:D*

I am 17 (1996)
Male (Last time I checked)
Location is Sheep Islands! (Faroe Islands)

I'm different. Or not! I'm just an ordinary boring person that loves anime.. That has an odd personality.. Too weird to explain :P!

What got me into anime was a friend of mine, he made me watch anime with him, I was resistant at first, but in the end I gave in and now look at this hell hole he brought onto me!! Naah, joke, this is heaven :)

What got me into games? Well I just wanted to escape reality that's what! and I thought it was fun :3
Visual Novels I started to play because of anime :P

Music videos.. uhh Don't know how to answer this -.-!? I listen to music cause it pleases my ears, and the music videos are there to be there<.< I don't watch Music videos, to "watch" them, I listen :D!

Now that that is done, time for the real introduction!

I'm Jákup Viljam(Jacob), just that ordinary guy that loves anime and wants to get along with everyone else that does as well :D! I'm not much of a smart guy or anything special, I'm nice, I don't try to be anything I am not, if you want to add you, go ahead I will accept, but I'm not much of a talker or a conversation continue'r, I'm introverted, socially awkward and not one bit popular xD I can be a critic, I try to keep my posts, my conversations informative or at least backed up with facts, but I'm also a slack so I use my brain for useless things, try not to think too much! I make foolish jokes, might not work so well online, but they are good enough for my friends IRL :P! *not saying that they are great, you know, there is a point where lame jokes lvl up to be lame enough to become funny jokes..*
I'm not very active, not much of a sports guy, I am slim, I like swimming, I do swim occasionally, I used to play Volley Ball, not anymore though.. So yeah!

Ahhhhhhh... So I guess that's a lot o.o

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27 / M
Posted 10/22/13
1. James
2. 23 and I'm from the north east of the UK
3. Ummmmm... I seem to slip over a lot, which i would consider weird
4. I was always into animation, but my friend showed me DBZ and Guyver and I was sold.
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25 / M / Moreno Valley, CA
Posted 10/22/13
I joined like a month ago and haven't taken the time to introduce myself so hit me up whenever you like

1. I'm Sergio, I go by the screen name Seth
2. I'm 21 from South Cali
3. The weirdest part of me would be that I am a genuine jungle child, ask me for more info on that
4.I really got inot anime in middle school when I realized how it has always been a part of my life like Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon
Posted 10/22/13
I just made an account today! I'd love to have new friends :3

1. Tessa
2. 19 & New York
3. I like to collect banana stickers :x
4. My big sister actually got me into anime, we watched Inuyasha together
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26 / NC
Posted 10/24/13
Hello I'm Kimberly, nice to meet you
I'm 22/ Female/ NC
oh that i moved from Washington state to NC. alot of people found that wired
i watched Pokemon and Digiman back when it first came out but i didn't learn that was anime till i watch stuff like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Zoids, and Ronin Warriors.
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27 / M / Southeast Asia
Posted 10/24/13

Hey everyone ! Alex - 23 - male - phil - that loves anime and games =) hope to get along with you all !
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22 / F / N.C.
Posted 10/24/13
18/F/NC, US
Weird info? I find "useless facts" quite interesting and I enjoy getting a good rush of adrenaline or just getting scared in general.
My first anime was when I was five. My mom put me in front of the tv and we watched Sailor Moon together. My sister's, cousins and I really got into it. I didn't realize it until I got older but we actually used to roleplay as them. Then I watched Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Yugioh. From then, I was hooked.
Posted 10/25/13
16/M/OH, US
I sleep with two heated blankets, one below me and one on top of my main blanket.
Bebop on Toonami.
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26 / M / California
Posted 10/25/13
Erik Is My Name
I love anime as you Try to study Japanese But I don't know Anyone that can speaks
It (just makes is that hard to Learn) I Drink 5-7 Cups of Tea Everyday And Never miss a day. People
say its wired for someone to drink that much tea but im loving it.
If Anyone would like to chat just msge and I would like to chap if you know Japanese and maybe learn some Tnx

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30 / M / Canada, New-Bruns...
Posted 10/26/13
hi I'm new
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34 / M / Seattle
Posted 10/26/13
I have been a CR member for two years, but this is my first time posting on these forums.

I'm a huge sports fan who likes to visit stadiums across the country.
I got into anime back in junior high school when I was introduced to a show called Ranma 1/2 by my brother. Ever since then, I had been hooked on anime ever since that day.
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20 / M / US
Posted 10/26/13
16/M/OH, US
I joined because I hear Crunchyroll is getting Manga and because I like Anime.
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