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24 / F / westminster ,ca
Posted 9/4/09
1. call me jordan or jphamzy
2. 16/female/california
3. im a tomboy , i like looking at other tomboys to!:) cause they so cute. ugh i like poetry,singing,dancing,
other such hanging w/my friends and the usual.
4. i play audition dance battle currently. anime i watched some like naruto,bleach, and yuri.
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25 / F / In an Invisible box
Posted 9/4/09
1: Brittney
2: 17/ F/ nunya,biznizz
3: I'm teaching myself Japanese and it's hard, I love cute things ,and anything sweet. ^.^
4: Um my older cousin got me into anime he got me watching digimon and pokemon when i was like in second grade.
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26 / F / USA
Posted 9/4/09
Hi people! I joined this site a while ago, but haven't really posted in the forums at all, so I think I still count as a "new user." XD

1. Addy
2. 18/Female/Somewhere in the US
3. I am addicted to chocolate-covered raisins.
4. One of my friends kept talking about Inuyasha, and I got curious about it. I looked it up online and started learning about anime, then I rented some of Hayao Miyazaki's movies and instantly got hooked.
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23 / F / Usa
Posted 9/4/09
3. I'm related to Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain
4. When my sister used to bring home comic books and one time she came home with half a series and it advertised movies and shows in the back and I looked them up online and ended up liking them.
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22 / F / Australia
Posted 9/5/09
Wow everyone is from over seas!

1) Name: Evangeline (or otherwise Mashed Potatoes)
2) (age- plez see profile ha ha), female, Sydney
3) something interesting? hmm... I'm currently working hard in trying to be interesting ...
3) not very much into all the a la mode animes and dramas much, i like Mr Brain (drama) and Naruto - now thats there's more fighting and less chatting and flashbacks!
Posted 9/5/09
1) Name: jessie or yumiko
2) 16, female, singapore
3) My favourite type of animals are black cats
4) When i was 14, my friend introduced to me shugo chara & from then on, i started to watch other animes. soon, i also started to read manga.

Btw, add me if you want to be friends with me.. thanks [:
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22 / F / PhiLipPinEs
Posted 9/5/09
1)mY namE iS Bea BuT pLs CoL mE Bey :D
2)iM 14 f Phils
3)i LiKe To MaKe FrieNds (but mostly i want to have a korean and japanese friend) but pls be my friend :)... i LiKe To EdiT PicTurEs LiKe DaT aNd WaTch Korean Drama and JapAnese Drama
4)i 0nLy WaTch NaRuTo Bc0z DaTs D anime dats m0re familiar to me

h0pE y0u MakE Friends with me
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22 / F / somewhere on earth
Posted 9/5/09
im brand spakin new. o.o

ammy, like as in, (ay-mee)
im 14, a female, and I live somewhere on Earth.
everyone refers me to small, fuzzy, cute, and adorable, and they say my arms are a small package of fun and play with my arms.
you might not find it weird, but I sure do. :D
uhm, friends. :P
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22 / F
Posted 9/5/09
2.14/f/Brunei a fan of k/j pop&dramas..espescially dbsk! friend is a fan of anime so she told me about it..since then i am addicted to anime but now i lost intrest because another friend told me about j/k pop hahaha ,but still..i like some of them..
*add my email [email protected]*6 ^_^ chat with me
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26 / M / Nowhere
Posted 9/5/09
1. Zapblast9000
2.17 year's old, live in Charlotte NC
3. A very good Pokemon player (Pm for Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSliver updates)
4. I play too many video games.
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117 / Where the Wild Th...
Posted 9/5/09
1. Well , the name's Yuki ^^ [yesh ! It actually is:3 ]
2. I am currently at the lovely age of fifteen and live in the wonderful country of Canada : )
3. I love clocks and watches and all that kind of stuff. Weird, I know. o__O
I can be really nice and I like about 100% of people so.....don't be afraid ! ^^
I CAN BE REALLY LOUD . I love sports ! And I love to read ! : ) + ofcourse ! anime ! <3
Blood is too cool for school . I'm a pretty dumb asian kid . xP
I love to sing and dance as well! : ) I'm just really bad at it xD
4. I guess being Japanese .. I just kind of grew up with it >?

Hope to talk to you guys soon ?

Have a FANTASTIC day everyone <3 ^^

-- yuki :]
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Posted 9/5/09
1. My nickname is Ralph (don't call me that, though. I think GEBD is better)
2. Can I keep my age? I'm a male and I live in Southeast Asia
3. I love cookies and I usually panic for no reason.
4. I was hooked into anime because of my siblings (I don't know their reasons), I didn't actually got hooked by music videos and I got hooked by games thanks to Arcades and my dad owns an Internet Cafe and he allows me to play some games...
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25 / F / Another dimension
Posted 9/6/09
1. Rachel
2. 17, female, KL, Malaysia
3. i like pervy anime/ hate annoying girly-girl boy characters like tadase in shugo chara, although the anime rocksss
4. probably some supercool anime drawings i saw once, so i wanted to draw some anime too and started watching slam dunk (coolness!)

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26 / F / edible island >:D
Posted 9/7/09
haha even though im not new im just here XD
Name: Pak (yes it really is my name)
Age: 18
Location: U.S
INTO: anime.drama.manga
mostly action&&comedy XD
romance is alrite haahaa buddy me
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28 / F / New York
Posted 9/7/09
1. Melissa but you can call me Mel, either or
2. 20/F/New York
3. I could live off Mountain Dew Voltage and Snack foods
4. Anime - Just from watching DBZ when I was younger and Video games - my Mom or Dad bought me an SNES and since then i've been hooked
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