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27 / F / UK
Posted 9/11/09
1. Lyn
2. 18/F/London
3. I can click my toes&burp the alphabet ?
4. I only started getting into anime when I started Naruto in 08. Everyone was on the shippuden episodes, and I had a bet with some friends which was if I could catch up with them within a year. Even with exams I caught onto the shippuden episodes within 3 weeks. And I even passed all of my friends.
Posted 9/11/09

happiidayy wrote:

1. Annie
2. 20. cali.
3. I hate kids, they torture my life. They're monsters not angels. I have eight at home. (not a mom)
4. anime because it's convenient I don't have to risk my computer being infected by all the spyware from one torrent download... and its interesting? yay.

Oh I hear you. Dang kids. I'm surrounded by twenty 10 year old 3 days a week. I want to cry. the way.

Why am I stalking the Intro Thread?
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41 / F
Posted 9/12/09
well, I shall too eh? okay

1. Petra
2. 32/female/Lutherstadt Eisleben (Eastern Germany)
3. People tend to think I am 10yrs younger than I actually am... Anyways, funniest thing in my life is also that what exhausts me the most... my son (born on 24th of Jan this year)
4. Anime.... Captain Future (oh yeah back in those days) Well one day I figured that all shows I liked when I was a child were japanese production and since I always had a faible for Japan itself, I got hooked onto movies (yeah, Japanese Horror movies are just the greatest and most scary stuff) and then I stumbled over some vids on the net, english subbed japanese anime... I loved the style and well... I am addicted

that's all for now I guess, hope you don't mind the old lady staying here XD
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24 / F / London
Posted 9/12/09

1. Zarrin
2. 15 Female Europe
3. hmm..Im a freak! mwahahaha and loves Lee Jun Ki ♥
4. Internet...and friends =P

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28 / M / United States of...
Posted 9/12/09



2.20 male California

3.cant really think of anything interesting about me

4.watched them on tv back when i was a little kid

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33 / M / Misawa / Aomori,...
Posted 9/13/09

1. Jeffrey

2. 24/ Male/ Songtan, South Korea

3. Hmm, Im currently trying to get into Gundam model kits to rekindle my younger days when I used to put model cars together, and give me a decent hobby while im here.

4. Transformers, Voltron, and Robotech when I was a kid got me into all this craziness.
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24 / F / Austria
Posted 9/14/09
1. Sophia
2. 16/f/Austria
3. something weird: I like learning.
4. I started watching anime on tv when I was 12 and a year ago i started listening to j-pop...
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24 / M / Takamagahara
Posted 9/14/09 , edited 9/14/09
Hey Guys.
Theres not much to say about me..
So, yeah, i LOVEE Anie + Manga, feel free to add me as a friend, id love to meet you all!
I love The Melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
And elfen lied.

Oh, and im 16.
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27 / M / maryland
Posted 9/14/09
Hey, i'm justin.
I'm a casual fan of anime. I don't obsess over it or buy alot of the merch.
I got into anime four years ago after watching azumanga daioh, the greatest cartoon period.
I'm into .orgcore music and ska.
My favorite anime include Azumanga Daioh(obviously), Saiyuki, Ouran High School Host Club, and Toki wo kakeru shoujo.
I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully you can recommend some good anime to me.
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33 / F
Posted 9/15/09

2- 24/Female/Eastern Region
3-Kim Hyun Joong is simply, SO CUTE! I love his smile
4-Anime I watched Sailor Moon and Inuyasha on Cartoon Network, then i had friends who lov es anime and owns lots of it. So I borrowed all her anime and got hooked.
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33 / M
Posted 9/15/09

I am Casey
from Miami FL
Nice to meet everyone!
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24 / F / Liaoning province...
Posted 9/16/09
name: Ella
a/s/l: 15/F/Philippines [currently living in north east china]
something interesting/weird about you: im open-minded? and when im hyper im very random..
what got you into anime/music videos/games: when im still in my elementary years, i've been watching alot of animes, but now im just reading mangas, uhm i dont really watch music videos much, but i like some.. kinda.. uhmm im addicted to monster hunter for psp.. its just awesome you should play that game too, though itll take some months to finish it xD but yea~~! play itt
im not actually new.. i made an account last 2007.. im planning to delete it because some people there aren't talking to me and i dont like that so.. anyways i hope i could be friends with you all =D i'd be glad to add you ^^ i'd be also glad to delete you if you dont talk to me.. :3

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29 / F / Russia, Archangel
Posted 9/17/09
1) I'm YuLiYa
2) I'm 20/ female/ Archangel (Russia)
3) Something interesting?... Erm... Hard to answer... I like having my friends in stitches and driving crazy my parents. I enjoy taking pictures of smth interesting and doing wierd things... I started writing stories, but never end it up...
4) I watched Sailor Moon when I was at the fifth grade (I was 12 years old then)... Since then I'm interested in anime... My favourite anime are Death Note and Hellsing...
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Posted 9/17/09
1. name Karen
2. a/s/l 16/female/California
3. something interesting/weird about you I'm allergic to milk and eggs.
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games I went to Vietnam, and I watched animax. That's all.
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27 / F / NM
Posted 9/18/09

18(gonna be 19 next fridayy)/ f/ NM..the fkn desert lol

-um...I love the Japanese culture and pretty much all of Japan, but..I personally HATE fish and seafood.. yea,doesn't really work out for me,does it?

-Let's see,it all started back when I was about...hmm 6? 7? and me and my little sister would sit in our room, eat peanutbutter&jelly sandwiches,and watch our Hello Kitty movies on VHS. Hell yea, I was that legit back in the day! haha
(still a major HK fan, btw)
Ever since then, I've just always loved cartoons, old school "normal" ones, and anime as well. But at the time I didn't really realize there was such a genre for those shows.

Final Fantasy games, Saturday morning Yu-Gi-Oh! shows/marathons with little brother, Case Closed and random anime shows later on when he and I were older, watching late night Adult Swim anime.

And then came...FRUITS BASKET! pretty much the best manga series ever, so far, in my opinion. :]
Since I became so obsessed with Furuba, however, I kinda lost track of any other manga or anime even
So now I'm slowly getting back into the scene and checkin out what's new or good.

Anyone got any suggestions, or wanna shout out to their favorite anime or manga, let me know! ^_^
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