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20 / F / England
Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/19/09
1. Diana
2. 12 / Female / Newcastle-UK
3. Ummm. Umm. Um. I Have A Birthmark That Goes all the way up my arm.
4. Well. When I was Like 5 I started watching Dragon-ball z and sailor moonThen It stopped coming on tv! then i searched about it online when i was 9 and found all sorts of other things like Them! Such as Naruto! And Bleach! And Yugioh! and Shugo Chara! And Skip Beat! and Death Note! And still going strong 4 years later.
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24 / F / *gulp* I forgot a...
Posted 9/19/09
1)Scarlet desu~
2)16/100% female/the watery sky
3)random alright, also, I'm very spoiled, and change personality real fast!
4)My damned cousin got me into anime when I was barely 8!! Well, I suppose I decided to follow her cause anime was uncommon to me. I don't really regret it. My imagination has grown a lot since then.
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34 / M / Costa Rica
Posted 9/20/09 , edited 9/20/09
1. My name is Henry, my close friend and family call me Joel (It is my second name(In my country with have two names and two last names))
2. 26 next saturday I will turn 27/m/ San José, Costa Rica (Great place for Tourism)
3. When I was a kid my local channel showed Captain Harlock (I can't watch here :'( and It was called Captain Raimar(Mexican traduction), Josefina (I don't know the name in english and it was the most bizarre anime ever), Candy and others. But I got hooked up with Ranma when I was in highschool.
4. I am a pc gamer my favorite games are Hl series and Psychonauts, I like Adventure games, RTS, Platform games and RPG. Also I like to read my favorite book is Dracula (Bram Stoker), I like Jose Saramago and Classic literature like Odisea, Ileada and I like to read light novels and mangas.
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30 / F
Posted 9/20/09
LOL IS IT to late to introduce myself
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25 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 9/20/09
17/Male/ Wisconsin
um, something interesting. let's see here. i have never meet anyone who likes my type of music.
from what i can remember, watching the first gundam series to ever be released to basic cable got me hooked. I got hooked on crunchyroll after a friend told me about it.
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34 / M / Sweden
Posted 9/20/09
Name's David. Yoroshiku!
I'll be 27 years old this October. (2009)
I'm from a small town in southern Sweden (it's not as cold here as most people think, NO we do not have polar bears crossing the streets!)

Hmm, something interesting... Well, urgh... I like the rain, but hate thunder. <.< >.>
I can cook without using a microwave! (I bet you're impressed now! /sarcasm)

I watched my first animé when I was in jr.high, Akira. But I didn't really get hooked on anime until much later when a friend introduced me to Suzuka. I've always been fascinated by japanese culture, so it wasn't really hard to get me hooked.

Feel free to add me, I always enjoy a good chat. :)

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22 / F / Tokyo, Japan
Posted 9/20/09
kaede desu~!

i'm turning 15 on december 24 :P

i live in philippines.

i'm into all sorts of anime and jpop.

i don't know how to campaign my profile so please please add me!

thanks in advance!
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22 / F / Indonesia
Posted 9/21/09
My name is Riska.
I'm from Indonesia (please don't hate me because of that..)
My birthday 28 Mar 1995.
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Posted 9/21/09
The name is Meown. I am a cat in human's clothing. See you.
Posted 9/22/09 , edited 9/22/09
Name: Brandon =D

A/S/L: 19/M/Massachusetts for a few more months =[

Something interesting:..hmm..im half korean/ quarter italian and quarter american lmaoo and i laugh at everything T_T.

What got me into..: Music everyone is into =D so it's a good point of interest =D.

Something else interesting: My mom woke me up at the crack of dawn to tell me shes shipping me like some food to korea in a month or two lmaooo.
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22 / F
Posted 9/22/09
1.) lovecity :)
2.) 14 / f / England - British-born Chinese, (Y)
3.) I can roll my tongue 2 time into a little wave Oh, and I lovelovelove weird food, eg. chocolate-coated jelly sweets from HK
4.) My beloved sister <3
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21 / M
Posted 9/22/09
the name is Achmad
14 m indonesia

and something interesting? ummm maybe, drawing skill and the weird this about me is that i have 2 inner sides of myself... i'm so nice to everyone but i'm so easy to be raged by someone,i dunno why i can't hold it...
Posted 9/23/09
1. LadyYellowViolet
2. 23/f/Finland
3. My aura has many colors....
4. I was like 9 or 10 when I watched Sailor Moon, but what really got me into anime (after I found out what that is) was Gravitation.
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25 / F / california
Posted 9/23/09
2. 17/f/california
3. i'm flexible
4. watched sailor moon and pokemon when i was little :]
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29 / M
Posted 9/23/09
2. 21/m/greece
3. i'm just wait to see fairy tail first episode.....actualy i can wait....
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