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24 / F
Posted 10/1/09
1.hIhi im maiari
2. 18, girl, ohio
3. i stare and smile at ppl without knowin it
4. inuyasha and all them little shows tht were on adult swim i use to be inlove with tht show
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19 / F / Some where .... >_>
Posted 10/2/09 , edited 10/2/09
1. Darian
2. 13/f/SC
3. I am obsessed with reading at least one manga a day or else I get really moody
4. What got me into anime is that when I was like 5 or some where around that age I would get up really earlier in the morning and watch Card Captor Sakura and Pokemon, thus I've like anime ever since C:
Posted 10/2/09
1. Raine
2. young/female/georgia
3. I often daydream of oreos dancing into my mouth.
4. I was flipping through some channels one day and saw a dubbed version of Naruto. The more I saw, the more I liked it, the more I researched about it. It was awesome. :3
Posted 10/2/09
Welcome all. Have fun...I effin love you guys (kid)
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26 / F / NJ, USA
Posted 10/3/09

YuutsuGirl wrote:
1)ore no namae wa Yashi desu ^_^

I would advise you not to use 'ore' when you are speaking, especially since you're female and introducing yourself. But that isn't just any ol mistake. May I ask if you actually take, know, or study Jpn, or you're just trying to go off what you know?

Anyway, welcome.
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F / Behind a bush. Or...
Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/3/09
here's mine:

1. Joanna
2.11 / Female/ Philippines
3. I'm more afraid of ghosts than I am with death..
4. when I was 8, I accidentally changed the channel in to Animax, then i saw Hideki carrying chii to his apartment..(i thought it was Hentai.. so I quickly changed the channel again. ) then in the next morning, i saw my big brother watching it.. -.- i asked him about it and became interested in animes since then (especially Chobits)...
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25 / M / california
Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/3/09
1. Shane
2. 19/ male /california
3. i do pretty much everything on a whim and live life with the first random idea on the top of my head flying into action
4. i first watched DBZ but really didnt think much about it what really got me into anime i would have to say watching princess mononoke with my freind and i got into manga by borrowing love hina from my local library firast started playing video game when i was 3 i had duck hunt mario and i think it was castlevania for NES
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23 / M / On an Enigmatic R...
Posted 10/3/09
1. enzo
2. 19/male/england
3. im a day dreamer lol
4. one piece and naruto is my main reason why im still watching anime
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23 / F
Posted 10/3/09
Hey everyone feel free to add me:)!

1. MY name is Arielle
2. 18/Female/Canada... near Toronto
3. Something "weird" about me is that I'm a vegan, lots of people thik I'm weair because of it.. or hat i eat weird food, but the food i eat isn't really weird, it's good:)
4. My step sister reads a lot of manga and watched some anime so she got me into it!
Posted 10/3/09
1. rez
2. 15/female/phils.
3. i think i'm a little crazy because even though i'm angry or mad i still smile like there's nothing that happened at all. it's kind of weird for me, really.
4. i love music. without music, life can be very boring. i love everything about it. <3
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28 / M / Ridgewood NY
Posted 10/4/09
1~ Proud
2~ 22/M/resides in the big apple.
3~ The cat has left the building.
4~ I don't recall, but I do remember watching cartoons from a very young age.
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31 / F / Imatra, Finland
Posted 10/4/09
1. My real name is Mari-Kaisa
2. I'm 25, female and from Finland.
3. I speak five languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Italian.
4. My sister introduced me to anime when she was studying in Oulu - we watched Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z together.
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21 / F / ~ somewhere ~
Posted 10/4/09
1. My real name is Micah but I prefer to be called Mai.
2. 16/female/Philippines
3. I love reading stories especially fanfics. I also love writing a story.
The weird thing about me is that I always talk to myself like a crazy person.
4. When I watched Mirumo de pon, I was really lovestruck by it! So after that I always watch anime.
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Posted 10/4/09
1. Real name: Hana
2. 19/female/Brunei
3.I am not really new but its been a while since i was active so yeah..new friends are needed ^w^ pweeease .. Weird thing about myself is that i suffer obsessive-compulsive disorder lmao XD
4. Once upon a time....there's an uptight Hana of 15 who hates manga and anime because everyone in her class were obsessed with naruto.
Then one day....bla bla bla ya know how the story goes.....and now manganime is her life. the end. lolz Guigui is awesome. yup. i like mayonnaise.
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22 / F / new zealand
Posted 10/5/09
i wuv cwiss ^-^
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