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23 / F / Clow Kingdom, Par...
Posted 10/5/09
1. Jazz
2. 15/F/south america LOL.
3. i have a huge inuyasha trauma xD and i play the piano : D
4. when i was about 3 i saw rurouri kenshin for the first time on tv, never stopped since xD

lol im not that new, but its been more than a year since i was active : )
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22 / F / DisneyLand!
Posted 10/5/09
1. Aisha(Baka-Hime)
2. 14/f/US
3. well i love being random! ^o^ and i can be bubbly and dingy at times.lol.love talking baby talk!(x buut im pretty much down for w/e
4. hmn..my cousins got me into anime^^ they always read ShonenJump..the first time i read it..i realized i was reading it the wrong way hehe:sweatingbullets:
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27 / M
Posted 10/5/09
Konichiwa minna san~

Qurol come's back......

So yoroshikune....


Posted 10/6/09
1. Jon
2. 35/m/UK
3. Am a computer geek
4. Been watching anime since I was a teen, have seen so many that the list has taken on a mind of it's own
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/6/09
1. Jayziel (Ahiru-chan)
2. 14/f/Phil
3. Im an otaku -occasionally. For short Im only hooked up to anime when I have the mood
4. I always watched classical animes when Im young and when I found out of the internet, I have a great time with animes that was not airing in our country.
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22 / F / Up Up and Away
Posted 10/6/09
Hey, finally, i really want buddys to talk to , so please befriend me!!
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26 / M / Jakarta
Posted 10/6/09
1. Marcell
2.18/Male/Jakarta, Indonesia
3. A master programmer (someday), and an otaku too (for certain anime)
4. I hooked with anime since at 1st grade of senior high. the first anime i watch is Bleach. But, i hooked with Gundam 00

Setsuna F. Seie:
"I'm a Gundam"
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26 / F / House.
Posted 10/7/09
1. Name is Alexis, Alex for short
2. Im turning 17 next sunday, female, and Cali
3. Hmmmm, I'm learning a lot of languages right now
4. What got me into anime was probably Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. They were my first animes and since then ive been an amfreak. What got me into music is well I love music since I could remember and as for video games it was obvious, they look so fun! who woulddn't play video games haha.
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25 / M
Posted 10/7/09
1. So I'm Phil aka "The Tattoo King" (it would make sense if you worked with me)
2. I'm 17/male/ and i live in California
3. Well lets see, it will take a lot to kill me. I have seizures, fractured my skull a few times, broke my pelvis, fallen off my roof, been hit by a car three times, etc. What can i say im clumsy and reckless.
4. What got me into anime? The first one i saw was Yoroiden Samurai Troopers​ but it wasn't until Battle Angel Alita when i became a hardcore anime follower. What got me into music? WAYNE'S WORLD nuff said about that and for video games it was the Legend of Zelda
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34 / M / Philippines
Posted 10/7/09 , edited 10/7/09

1. Aoi
2. 24/m/currently QC
3. I love Higurashi~the cicadas!!!
4. What got me into anime is maybe on that one afternoon that I got bored and the only thing you can do is to watch "kamen rider, SHAIDER, Bioman, Ultraman, Dragonball and of course Voltes V, and after that I was hooked. And what got me onto Jmusic is because of L arc en Ciel!!!
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25 / M / Arizona
Posted 10/7/09
Well lets see

1. Tyler
2. I'm 16, Male, and I live in Arizona baby =)
3.Something interesting about me, I would have to say is that I can clap using one hand ( extremely weird to see) my friends love it.
4.I got into anime when DBz was onloved it also I was a Gundam fanatic, I had models and everything. I've been playing games since Nintendo 64 and currently have the Xbox360.Btw Call of duty 4 rules =)
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33 / M / North York, Toronto
Posted 10/9/09 , edited 10/9/09

well ok...

1. Just call me by my username; i don't think it matters
2. i'm a guy; 25; living in toronto, canada
3. long history of watching movies, anime, and playing vid.games; favorites: G4TV, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam 00, Michael Bay's Transformers, Classic PS1 games - coz they don't make em like they used to =p
4. like all geeks, i like philosophical talks... anything under the sun, as long as i'm familiar with it.
5. i always dream of flying. lol
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25 / F
Posted 10/9/09
oki doki^^

1. Denise, but you can call me what you want
2. I'm a 17 year old girl and I'm living in Germany.
3. Well I like to chat with friends, to make AMVs and to listen to music, but sometimes I play some games and to draw fan arts. I have sometimes my random moments. I mostly sing to my favorite music or when I'm in a good mood, but to be honest I can't sing.
4. I've just watched TV. The first anime, that I saw was Sailor Moon, than Dragonball ect. I've watched some animes by watching some AMVs.
Posted 10/10/09
I'm new and i really like the site.
If your bored, let's talk :]
Posted 10/10/09
1. Hello everyone. My name is Dean
2. I'm probably the oldest peep on here, 40 and still get carded for drinks, oh well I guess that's good. Right?
3. I drink way too much coffee, my better half...well she doesn't really get my fascination with anime, haha.
4. I saw Akira a long time ago, then Ghost in the Shell, Rahxephon etc. and have been collecting all kinds of anime series over the years, I think it is art. I just love a great anime. Just here to see some new anime and see what's up.
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